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Senate Committee Recommends Royal Commission into ASIC

The recommendation is there but how seriously will it be taken? By General Maddox. (RealNewsAustralia) In a recent article featured here on RNA we showed proof of the continuing fraud going on within the Commonwealth Bank and it’s sub companies that’s been adversely affecting many customers for years. Not only that but the willingness of […]

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Why is CommBank still hiding its derivatives bets?

By Craig Isherwood National Secretary http://www.cecaust.com.au For the second year in a row CBA is hiding its true financial position from the Australian public. The bank’s 2013 Annual Report, like its 2012 edition, fails to disclose the multi-trillion-dollar face value of its betting in off-balance-sheet derivatives. CBA happily discloses “fair value”, because it is a […]

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