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Bayer/Monsanto settlement cheats Roundup victims

Bayer’s Monsanto division raided its petty cash to settle 95,000 claims with non-Hodgkins Lymphoma sufferers in the USA for near $11 billion. Another $1.25 billion is for potential future claims from at least 30,000 other Roundup users also suffering the disease. By Bob Phelps. Plaintiffs’ illnesses resulted from long term exposure to Roundup herbicide and […]

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US jury finds Roundup causes cancer: call for Australian review

A federal jury in San Francisco has found Monsanto’s Roundup herbicide played a big part in triggering Edwin Hardeman’s non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma (NHL), a cancer that affects the immune system. (1) The jury will now hear evidence of Monsanto’s undue influence over government regulators and cancer researchers, before setting the amount of liability and damages. This […]

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Steve Marsh GMO Trial Has Begun

David Steve Marsh vs. Monsanto Goliath By General Maddox.  (Real News Australia) In what’s sure to be a drawn out, tiring and financially draining legal battle, Steve Marsh, an organic farmer from Western Australia, has had his first day in the Western Australia Supreme Court on February 10th. His landmark case will be the pivoting […]

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