GKP S5/E10 – News Cycle Manipulation, Paradigm Shift, mRNA Tech in Food is Here


G’day Folks,

For this episode Ethan is away so Andy and I throw down to dissect the latest. 

Where’s the real news? Mainstream media continues to control the minds of the masses by dictating the narrative. Constant distractions like Chinese Spy Balloons, Epstein/Maxwell saga, Fear and Entertainment. When an actual event happens like the Turkey earthquake, one of the biggest and destructive quakes we’ve seen in a while, why does the media not follow up on the reconstruction etc? Because apparently that’s not newsworthy. 

So what is? We take a quick look at one of the main news sites to see what’s trending. It’s a no-brainer. Fear and entertainment served up on a digital platter. So agian, where’s the real news? We head over to TOTTnews to do a quick comparison. 

In other news the next Paradigm Shift event is coming up in June. It’s Australia’s biggest alternative conference being held on the Sunshine Coast June 17-19. 

“The Paradigm Shift Summit seeks to assist in the creation of a new Earth based on love, peace, compassion, equality, freedom, liberty, knowledge and true wisdom as we make the transition to a higher more elevated level of consciousness.”

We’re also proud to announce that our boy Ethan Nash will be a keynote speaker at the event! Tickets available on the link below.

Many people in our alternative chat groups have been voicing their concerns about our food supply being tainted by vaccines. It seems like something out of a science fiction movie but it is indeed an unfortunate reality starting to take shape. Vaccines containing mRNA technology are not only in development but shockingly have been used in our food supply for close to a decade now. Tainting the meat supply by vaccinating livestock appears to be the greatest concern by those aware of what this technology is capable of. 

How do we avoid it? Listen and find out. 

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2 Comments on “GKP S5/E10 – News Cycle Manipulation, Paradigm Shift, mRNA Tech in Food is Here”

  1. Edo
    April 24, 2023 at 3:48 pm #

    Brilliant episode as usual General.

    I wish you’d bring to discussion the increased harassment, of travelers in security area of Perth airport: forcing travelers through body scanners, followed by body frisking/patting without reason. For that they dedicated massive space with many body scanners-like gallows, manned by teams of foreigners ushering and hustling travelers into posing in the gallows, then frisking them. Is this country wide practice or is it only in Perth airport? It reminded me of scenes in airports in a country far away from here (!)

    • April 24, 2023 at 3:51 pm #

      Cheers Edo.
      Mate from going by what Andy has told me as he flies in to Brisbane international when he comes back from PNG is that it’s all very easy and automated. Scary level of automation like facial recognition etc but nothing like that level you’re describing in Perth. That’s Fucken crazy!

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