Bonus Content Show #42 – (TEASER) Matrix Glitches and NPC Phenomenon with Shannon Rowan

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On this 2 hour episode author Shannon Rowan joins me to discuss some odd occurrences that people have been documenting around the world. Are these “Glitches in the Matrix”?

A belief has seemingly entered the lexicon that we are indeed in a simulation much like in the movie The Matrix. If this were true, would we see evidence of this? What would that evidence look like? Could it be that the strange occurrences that people have been witnessing is that evidence? Or is it simply explained away as crazy people, or CGI, or video editing, or mis-remembering?

Let’s entertain for a moment that what we’re beginning to see is indeed a glitch in the simulation programming. Could this explain things more easily? And why is it that these “Glitches” seem to have only been around for maybe 5-10 years?

Does CERN have anything to do with this? Have we experienced a shift to a parallel universe? So many questions. We flesh out a fair bit in the first hour but the second hour is where the discussion gets deeper.

We tackle the topic of the NPC (non-player character) phenomenon. If you’d like to hear that or even see that we have a video version of the entire discussion available to members only.

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