GKP S5/E4 – 15 Minute Control Grid, NSW COVID Reporting, COVID Vax Death Batches Revealed


G’day Folks,

On the first show for 2023 Andy and I tackle a few developing stories but first, HAPPY NEW YEAR TO YOU ALL!!!

We hope everyone had a great Christmas and New Years. A well deserved break was needed.

For this show we discussed:

Activist Katie Hopkins (from the UK) video discusses the plan for Oxford’s 15 Minute City which is really just a way to curtail freedoms and keep people from moving about freely. The ever encroaching control grid is now becoming a reality.

We have been discussing it on previous shows and as new developments come to fruition we believe it to be necessary to go over the details and read between the lies to bring you what the real agenda is.

Don’t forget that Melbourne and Sydney have their version of these “15 Minute Cities” starting soon.

NSW Health Department recently published their data (which they have done regularly) of their COVID-19 Weekly Data Overview. And as per usual folks the data doesn’t lie. Hospital admissions and ICU admissions for “Covid-19 patients” is yet again not looking good for the vaccinated. This data is quite shocking. 810 Hospitalisations for people with 4 or more COVID vaccinated people and wait for it… 0 yes ZERO for the unvaccinated.

This data is absolutely damning for the NSW government and their COVID-19 vaccination and booster campaign. The more shots you have the sicker you will be. It’s in the data.

Which is why, it was recently revealed, the NSW government will NO LONGER BE REPORTING THE VACCINATION STATUS OF THOSE ADMITTED TO HOSPITAL AND ICU! It would appear Dr Kerry Chant and Brad Hazzard are sick of looking like buffoons so they intend to lie by omission.

We also share an interesting video on a FOI request which was partially granted and shows that certain Pfizer COVID-19 batches were responsible for deaths here in Australia. The TGA new this. Yet they did nothing. 

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Katie Hopkins Video – https://youtu.be/wkZDcVFIxRI
Pfizer FOI Video – https://youtu.be/QMHOO1LAfgQ?t=504

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