GKP S4/E22 – Passing of the Guard, 9/11 21 years on & Minister for Autism in SA


G’day folks,

On tonight’s show King Ethan is joining me as King Andy is unavailable.

We discuss the changing of the guard. Queen Alizardbreath II is deceased and Prince Charles of Wales becomes King of England. We dive a little deeper into the symbology, numerology and synchronicity of this event. The reigning monarch has passed. The Crown of Queens Elizabeth II is passed on to her Son Charles. The significance is quite staggering. The Coronavirus ie. Crown virus has had it’s time. It’s helped tie up the loose ends of her reign and simultaneously usher in the new Green King. So much to discuss there.

9/11. 21 years on and still as important as ever. But there seems to me less going on in the socials on the 9/11 front. Why is that? We recap a bit about our 9/11 special from last year and talk about some of the symbology of that event. We show two key pieces of footage that aired once on live TV and never again. It was saved and has been uploaded to various video platforms as that’s the only place its available. First Responders relay their first hand accounts of explosions in the towers before they came down. A controlled demolition took place that day. There may have also been DEW’s as well.

There was also a reported at the Pentagon who was there on the ground and reported no evidence of a plane hitting the pentagon. This footage was also NEVER aired again on TV.

We have a bit of fun showing some of the memes that’s come out about the Queens death before moving on to TOTTnews to check out Ethan’s piece on how South Australia has now appointed a Minister for Autism! It’s become that much of a serious situation that the government has stepped in and placed a person to oversee it. Never mind the elephant in the room being the vaccine issue being the driving cause behind the rise in Autism globally let alone in Australia.

Crazy times folks. Enjoy the show.

Remember to reconnect and recharge your mind as well. Go fishing!


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