Bonus Show Teaser – The Fear Addiction with Adam from the

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Tonight Andy and I had Adam Crabb from the and the CrazzFiles Podcast on as a guest to go over the important topic of FEAR. 

Specifically we discuss the apparent addiction to fear society seems to have developed. It reared its ugly head on 9/11 and then simmered down a bit until the SCAMdemic hit a few years ago. Now fear is in full swing and the NPC masses are hooked on their daily dose.

We discuss a few articles I put up on shortly after the SCAMdemic began about how fear is controlling us. Links at bottom.

We also go around the table to discuss methods of escaping fear. 

Key points were;
– Laughing in the face of fear propaganda
– Disavowing ownership of fear. You don’t own this fear. Let it go.
– Teach people to be skeptical. Question their delivery systems of fear.
– The most important … LOVE! The opposing force to raise your vibration.

We also discuss a phenomenon i’ve seen where people enjoy “owning” COVID. They wear it like a badge of honour. Like it somehow validates their fears. And vindicates the forces of oppression. Have you noticed this too?

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One Comment on “Bonus Show Teaser – The Fear Addiction with Adam from the”

  1. Canadian Wildflower
    April 29, 2022 at 4:26 am #

    Since October I have been rereading through the entire bible, looking for where God says, “Fear not”, or similar. So far, I’ve found nearly 200 places. Do we need to fear the latest boogeyman (I mean, “crisis)? Absolutely NOT!! We need to put our trust in the Lord Jesus Christ, and fear not. Fear is a crippling sin, which gives the devil an advantage. But the Lord God is the King of all heaven and earth, and those who put their faith in him have nothing to fear.

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