General Knowledge Podcast S4/E11 – Flood Them Out – The CLARA Connection

Hi Everyone,
Thanks for tuning in to Season 4 Episode 11!
• On this episode Ethan from joins me to discuss the recent flooding along the Eastern seaboard of Australia. Coincidentally the same areas that were burned buy the 2019 bushfires.
• What’s the connection? CLARA – Consolidated Land And Rail Australia.
Highspeed Rail network with new sustainable “Smart Cities” interspersed along the way.
• Ethan discusses his new video in which he goes into an in-depth explanation of what it all means and lays it out for you to make the connections. (
• I discuss how back in Season 2 Episode 6 we talked about the Australian Bushfires and the CLARA connection. And in that video from January 19th 2020 I said “That could be the next thing that drives them off the land. We burned them out. Now lets flood them out”.

• The WEF (World Economic Forum) has agents infecting all levels of government around the world. Here in South-East Queensland where we’re based the very person in the key position of Cheif Planner for the Brisbane City Council is a member of the WEF! Specifically the Global Future Council on Cities of Tomorrow!

• We also discuss the non-existent financial relief for the bushfires as well as the flood recovery.

• The ADF (Australian Defence Force) being caught out simply shooting PR videos during the flood effort instead of organising genuine aid.

• The discussion also takes somewhat of a philosophical turn as well towards the end. Is it time to change your life?

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Author:General Maddox

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2 Comments on “General Knowledge Podcast S4/E11 – Flood Them Out – The CLARA Connection”

  1. tonyryan43
    March 13, 2022 at 8:50 pm #

    Is anyone paying attention?

    The WEF has captured all federal politicians except for, as I recall, 5 rebels.

    The WEF has captured all state politicians, bar a handful of talky-talky types. No action on this front.

    Local Government was captured decades ago, via the United Nation’s ALGA..

    So, it is painfully evident that your “representatives” are not going to represent you. They represent Poppa Klaus.

    Clearly, there is no authority you can go to. The judiciary were owned by Klaus four decades ago. It rather looks like the police and army also are owned by Klaus, or are simply MIA. Actually, it seems as though many soldiers are changing careers, nowadays acting and filming and running PR capers.

    Conclusion: bend over and take it fellas, or fight.

    And by ‘fight’, I mean front parliament and tell the politicians inside they are sacked. They will sick the police, and army, and mercenaries on you and so you can either run home and hide under your beds, or you can defend your freedom and your families.

    Could the situation be any plainer? Peaceful protest is the act of marching gaily to the slaughterhouse. With no media witnessing you, you are protesting in a vacuum. You are protesting to yourselves. There is no audience to impress.

  2. Gail
    March 14, 2022 at 12:29 pm #

    Many of us in the Northern Rivers believe that the new highway was the cause the extreme flooding in the area, by restricting the natural flow of food water. What usually takes 3 days for flood water to go down has taken 2 weeks, especially on farms between the old and new highway near Grafton. The highway near New Italy was flood. Did the new highway cause the restriction of flood waters? That is a question.

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