General Knowledge Podcast S4/E9 – Freedom Convoys

Hi everyone! Thanks again for tuning in to Season 4 Episode 9!

OK so for this episode Andy, Ethan & I are joined by Author John Hamer as return for another chat to update us on things happening in the UK where he lives in England. 

  • They have thrown out all the mandates, mask requirements, vaccine passports etc. which is great news but is there something sinister at play here? 
  • We also talk about the Freedom Convoy to Canberra which was underway as of episode 7 of the podcast. It was a massive turnout by Aussies from across the country. Be sure to listen to the attached .mp3 file of my conversation with Chris who attended the rally and gave his first hand account of the experience.
  • What’s next in the CONVID saga? COVAIDS! Yep that’s right apparently Covid Vaccine Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome is now a thing. Basically people are getting so sick and their bodies are not able to fight off normal infections. 
  • But what else has come along which absolutely nothing to do with the vaccines (of course it has everything to do with them)? That’s right HEART ATTACKS! See the image below which i show in the video.
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Author:General Maddox

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One Comment on “General Knowledge Podcast S4/E9 – Freedom Convoys”

  1. Graham H Lyons
    February 15, 2022 at 1:15 pm #

    Nice one again, General and colleagues. And John Hamer always contributes well. These GK podcasts are usually uplifting, with your commonsense and often humorous presentation of the situation we face…you are all well equipped with sensitive bullshit detectors.

    I agree with Andy…these criminals (Morrison, Premiers, “Health” officials et al) should be charged with treason. History is not replete with examples of tyrants being deterred/defeated by polite negotiation.

    As Ethan has said for months (years?), Australia [and NZ] are “testing grounds” [look at Melbourne last year]…where the Western social credit system [the technocratic state] will start.

    General & John: “Viruses don’t actually exist”. Yes, have to agree now, but I thought otherwise in late 2019, where I gave a series of lectures in China [at the time the “Wuhan virus” was supposedly making its move] on “The use of selenium-biofortified Prunella vulgaris against RNA viral diseases”.

    As you discuss, there was no HIV identified [same as SARS Cov-2]. Burroughs Wellcome manufactured the poppers that, inter alia, made all those gay folk crook, then supplied the high-dose AZT that finished them off…and then BW morphed seamlessly into GlaxoSmithKline. The Convid1984 analogue of AZT is remdesivir. This story is examined in great detail in RFK Jr’s “The Real Anthony Fauci”. Quite a “business model”, as you suggest.

    As Andy says, the CEO of Moderna should be done for insider trading. It would be reminiscent of Al Capone, who was nailed, not for multiple murders, but for tax evasion.

    So much happening here that I can’t remember if I mentioned on RNA already that Stuart Lindsay and I had a zoom meeting with Topher Field on Thursday. He produced the doco “Battleground Melbourne”, released in January. For those interested, search TopherField You Tube and you will get his site, then select Slow Chat with Stuart Lindsay. Runs for 3 hrs…and you guys thought GKPs could be long! Topher is quite an engaging and gutsy character and puffs on a cigar and sips two types of whisky, while Stuart and I consume a bottle of Barossa shiraz…and do plenty of talking

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