According to the Government’s Own Data There Is No Pandemic

By Paul Murray.

Okay Australia – TV off – facts at the ready:

2010 – total deaths all causes = 143,473 (average 2,759 deaths per wk)
Deaths from flu = 2,373

2014 – total deaths all causes = 153,580 (average 2,953 deaths per wk)
Deaths from flu = 2,879

2019 – total deaths all causes = 168,960 (average 3,249 deaths per wk)
Deaths from flu = 4,124

2020 – total deaths all causes = 143,205 (average 2,753 deaths per wk)
Deaths from flu = 2,170
Deaths ASSIGNED to COVID = 833*

2021 – total deaths all causes to Mar 2021 (12 weeks) = 31,363 (average 2,613 deaths per wk)
Deaths from flu to date = 833 (average 69 per wk)
Deaths assigned to COVID = 0 (0 per wk)

Source: Australian Bureau Of Statistics (ABS):

What you have to understand here, folks – is that suddenly on the ABS website one couldn’t just look up the chart format that they had up to 2019 and previous years, no – they didn’t display that information easily any longer. Why not?

Now one has to dig down into the Excel spreadsheets as the page is covered with graphs that keep beaming out the word COVID / COVID / COVID but the above data is the factual count of what has actually happened when you sift through all the misleading COVID landmines.

Bear in mind that the assigned COVID deaths in 2020 (833) and those were diagnosed using PCR (so the assignment of infection is 95% spurious in the first place, given that they’re using the wrong process and at 45 cycles) – over 90% of these deaths occurred in the elderly between the ages of 75-90 and over 95% of those were in people at end of life who had 2 or more serious preexisting health conditions – ergo: most likely the actual cause of death.

So take the 2020 death figures from COVID and properly assign it in that arguably maybe 5% of those people died FROM COVID and not WITH a positive test for it. That drops the total to 42 people so the 2020 figures should really look like this:

2020 – total deaths all causes = 143,205 (average 2,753 deaths per wk)
Deaths from flu = 2,170
Deaths ASSIGNED to COVID = 42
Deaths assigned to COVID but actually comorbidity = 791

And you HAVE to acknowledge that even the WHO and the CDC state that clinicians should NOT be using more than 25-30 cycle thresholds whereas, the people in the government here, the same ones lying to you about the “vaccines” are testing at 45 cycle thresholds and suddenly more and more “cases” are springing up.

This is clearly a deliberate misrepresentation of the data.

The above are the real raw data from the government’s own website – go have a look, don’t take my word for it.

If anything, we should be retrospectively suing the Australian government and health department for dereliction of duty and incompetence as they allowed over 4,000 people to die in 2019 when a real heavy flu season hit the country – almost double the number of deaths from the flulike stuff than in 2020 yet nobody was worried, nobody was selling masks or self-isolating or social-distancing or any of that other nonsense that is being sold as mitigation measures against viral infection when none of them are even relevant.

Hell, in 2019 if you look at the flu season being reasonably about 3-4 months of the year (about 17 weeks) this means that OVER 240 PEOPLE WERE DYING PER WEEK yet nobody was batting an eye over that – but in 2020 we were in the midst of lockdown because there was a pandemic.

Look at the number in 2020 again. Even if we were to concede that the dirty deadly ‘rona’ killed those 833 croaky old pensioners, there was still a death toll of 2,170 attributed to flu!

So you had 2.5 times more risk of dying from flu than from coronavirus – why aren’t they bleating about that?

And in 2021 to March this year you had 833 times the risk of dying from flu than from corona so why aren’t they freaking out trying to mandate the common-or-garden-flu vaccine as it is certainly way more deadly than COVID statistically and in reality.


It is not an opinion. It is measurable unassailable fact. Is it any wonder that they are trying to make it harder to read than in previous years?

Do the math.

So get up, say no, throw away the mask and tell the authorities that they should stop lying to us and do their jobs.

Take your lives back because these corrupt profiteering ghouls aren’t going to just give them back to you. They’re making way too much money out of this thing to give up just yet.

[Editors Note] I have been saying this for ages. The data, the real data, from the government themselves doesn’t support the notion of a pandemic. Nor does it support the actions taken as a result of this hyped up “pandemic”.

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Author:General Maddox

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4 Comments on “According to the Government’s Own Data There Is No Pandemic”

  1. Graham H Lyons
    July 21, 2021 at 6:22 pm #

    Paul has done a good job digging out these data, General. And as he points out, barely any of those ca 900 who supposedly died of Covid actually did. Indeed, worldwide, there has not been even ONE death “from Covid” that has been proven to be due to SARS Cov-2. It has not even been isolated, let alone shown to be the actual cause of death. Massive fraud!!! medical fascism writ large.

    Have just run up/down Mt Lofty (above Adelaide), well over 2.5km from home and am really fired up [hardly anyone else up there…snowflakes so easily scared off], and tomorrow I will be out and about WITHOUT A FACE NAPPY. Premier Marsh[m]all[ow], “Health” officer Spurious and Police Commissar Stevens, go quax yourselves!!!

  2. Nathan
    July 30, 2021 at 1:17 pm #

    Well you see facts don’t matter when there are big agendas at play!

  3. Veri Tas
    August 3, 2021 at 8:20 am #

    Sorry, but there is no virus!

    Dr Sam Bailey:

    The Truth about Virus Isolation. What does it really mean to isolate a virus?

    Viral transmission from human to human has never been proven!

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