General Knowledge Podcast S3E18 – Special Guest Ex-Nurse Naomi Cook

Hi everyone! Thanks again for tuning in to Season 3 Episode 18!

For this episode Andy, Ethan & the General are joined by Ex-Nurse Naomi Cook!

Topics covered for this show include:

  • The wonderful video one of our listeners put together for us based on our season 1 episode 6 on the depopulation agenda
  • LOCKDOWN 4.0! Yes, Brisbane (Qld) had another lockdown and and restrictions once again. We dissect this and the lunacy involved.
  • Premier Palachook caught having negative comments on her social media deleted in a poor attempt of public perception management.
  • Mixing Shots?! Yes that’s right. A “Study” has come out saying how mixing Pfizer with AZ shot is now a good thing?!
  • Growing pressure by police against those who claim mask exemptions and how to deal with it correctly and lawfully.
  • Bombshell admission by Chinese CDC scientist that they have not isolated the virus. 
  • Naomi discusses her Freedom of Information request from the Royal College regarding their basis for recommending COVID-19 Shots to pregnant women! SPOILERS… It’s baseless!
  • IMOP party shares condemnation of the TGA and how they have not done independent safety studies of any COVID-19 vaccines!
  • Plus more…

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Mask info —-

A police officer will ask why you are unmasked:
1, I have a legal exemption
They will then ask you to show them, you inform them:
2, the Nsw/QLD/Vic Gov website advises us (as police officers are directed to follow it too) the Public Health Order does not require us to carry it
3, the 1800 622 572 Crime Stopper hotline advised me that police must follow the Public Health Order
Police officer should now vacate your space, perhaps after some intimidation of questioning why you’re out (answer with shopping/exercise/transport to employment/study) stating you must return home as soon as possible.
– If the police officer instead acts illegally* towards you in relation to being unmasked, make sure you begin filming if you didn’t as soon as you were approached, and calmly coherently rehash for the recording what you’ve told them (above 3 POINTS – REGULATED)
* harassing you
* taking your bag
* detains you/assault
i, Obviously you cannot overpower an officer with a gun, walk away if possible. If they chase you or grab you, go with them calmly so they cannot lie and say you assaulted them or were abusive. If they take your bag and let you walk away (they’ll shit themselves if you do this as they have taken your bag illegally) then go to the nearest station and inform them of the theft, harassment and abuse.
If they likely don’t let you walk away; ENSURE you reiterate on your recording:
1, they are acting illegally and have inflicted unwarranted physical and emotional assault and abuse
2, they are causing you physical and emotional distress and damages
3, you have now advised them numerous times that you are exempt and following the Public Health Order but they are not following it
4, you will be pressing charges and suing them for breaching the Public Health Order, wrongful detainment, assault and abuse so to please CEASE AND DESIST their unlawful actions against you
Sure you can quote the privacy act and disability act etc but this is the Order that they are clear they must follow so best keep it SIMPLE and above 3 POINTS – REGULATED and 4 STEPS – DETAINED
Do NOT argue/converse
Do NOT add any further info as baited to. Repeat script, doesn’t matter how many times.
Duty Manager will release you as you are exempt.
If they previously confiscated your phone, immediately privately upload your video online or save it somewhere immediately so they cannot delete it (do this earlier if phone wasn’t confiscated).
1, contact 1800 622 571 customer assistant unit for complaints about police officers and provide details of the officer
2, they will phone transfer you to relevant stations duty manager, you did not make the complaint in person as you were traumatised
3, lodge official complaint with duty manager.
Their response will likely be a formal apology.
You are not satisfied with this outcome, you would like the officer charged, terminated and compensated for damages.
The duty manager will likely inform you this is not happening.
Do NOT tip them off that you are taking it further, you have merely followed procedure.
4, call back 1800 622 571 they will escalate to written complaint.
Receive guidance on commencing lawsuit for payout
Learn the 3 POINTS and 4 STEPS – simple!!!
Screenshot or save this post so it’s on hand if you need it. Shar with friends and family.
Use your nervous energy into speaking QUIETLY, GENTLY and CALMLY, remember, they want to provoke you and get a reaction for their footage to twist in editing. You don’t have to yell or be abusive to get the law and their unlawfulness across.

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Author:General Maddox

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3 Comments on “General Knowledge Podcast S3E18 – Special Guest Ex-Nurse Naomi Cook”

  1. Graham H Lyons
    July 4, 2021 at 2:22 pm #

    Good one, General, and Naomi is doing a sterling job resisting the coronahoax.

  2. Graham H Lyons
    July 4, 2021 at 2:49 pm #

    Ah, that comment was just a tester, to see if it was printed. Now I can get serious. Well done again, chaps. Particularly pleased with Andy’s positive comments on Alan Jones, as perhaps I can take some credit for this. Not so much with Alan’s exposure of the coronahoax itself, by continually listing the REAL data, which clearly show no pandemic has occurred. In fact it was watching a clip of Alan on the www about July 2020 that prompted me to hook up to Foxtel in Aug 2020 and I have not regretted it. Since then, I have sent plenty of emails to Alan with my anti-covax info, including, early this year, my 13 reasons not to take the covax. I thought I may have failed to make an impression, as, although he has always been very strong against the vax passport idea, he was somewhat pro the covax itself…until about a week ago. His best show was when Rebecca Weisser was on: she has written several very good, strongly anti-covax articles in recent editions of The Speccie Australia.

    I also belong to an email group, Cory Bernardi Confidential (am a founding member). Cory posts opinion/news pieces daily (he has a strong Christian and conservative perspective), and members can post their comments. I have sent a steady stream of my coronahoax and anti-covax views for months, and have received strong support. Ever since he got his own Sky News show (“Bernardi” on Fri evenings), he has been very good against the covax, especially when he has Craig Kelly on the show.

    The number of South Australians who have refused to submit to the fraudulent, invasive, DNA-harvesting “covid PCR test” increased by 100% a week ago, i.e. there are two of us now, and I am providing plenty of encouragement to the brave young lady involved (returned from Brisbane).

    I never miss an opportunity to stick it up “the authorities” when they attempt to dump their harmful covid garbage on us. I went to the Adelaide Symphony Orchestra’s performance at The Festival Centre on Friday evening. There was a “mask mandate” in place. I did not wear a mask, and was one of only 4 unmasked folk that I could see (a lady & two young boys). The other several 100 audience members were masked bien pensants. I was challenged in a half-hearted manner by officials a couple of times and brushed it off. There was a chap sitting two rows behind me sporting what looked like a gas mask: a respirator affair with twin filters. I thought he was taking the piss…but alas, he was a fully subscribed, fearful Branch Covidian…OMG!

    The performance, as always by the ASO, was excellent. Bruch’s mercurial violin concerto, played by the brilliant Grace Clifford. She had apparently been given “a special deal” to come from Sydney, and they made her wear a mask. Ridiculous, but it failed to dim her performance. The orchestra and conductor, James Judd, were unmasked. It is good to learn that “Covi”, in addition to being tricky, cunning, devious and able to “spread like wildfire”, apparently respects good music and hence won’t infect orchestra players…but visiting soloists need to watch out. The ASO played Sibelius’s symphony #2 next…superb. All in all, an excellent night out.

    • rakey64
      July 12, 2021 at 11:39 pm #

      Great comment Graham H. Lyons. I believe I would like to be a part of the email group Cory Bernardi Confidential that you named above, may I join?

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