$1.3B Being Spent to Upgrade MyGov/Centrelink – Vaccine Passports Included

Australian government is spending a phenomenal amount of money to upgrade their welfare IT platform.

By General Maddox.

Government spin doctors have been working overtime recently to assure the Australian people that our tax dollars are being put to good use. However as per usual it’s an extraordinary waste of money.

Using talking points to sell us on their massive spending like “shorter wait times” or “spending less time on hold”, the government is actually pointing out their ineptitude at running services for the public.

4 tranches of the plan to upgrade our online welfare systems are now in place. The fourth and final one being touted by the media on behalf of the Australian government has been in the news headlines of late. Radio news bulletins and online news have been singing the praises of the spending.

However they are only touting figures like “More than 500m” or “$540m” in an attempt to what seems like downplay exactly how much has been spent.

What’s the real cost of this welfare platform digital upgrade? $1,300,000,000! That’s right, 1.3 billion dollars.

The Welfare Payment Infrastructure Transformation (WPIT) plan saw an initial cash injection of over $60m. The second tranche was in 2016 for $313.5m. The third tranche in 2018 for $316.2m and the most recent tranche is what the spin doctors have been selling the public on as a ‘good thing’ which was $540m!

Does $1.3 Billion Dollars sound like a good price for a website overhaul? The MyGov portal of course covers a few systems such as Services Australia, Medicare, Centrelink, etc. But $1.3 Billion is an extremely hefty price tag and could surely be spent more wisely. Actual tangible assets could be created with that money. Rather than something digital and technically intangible.

The new system was earmarked to be in place by 2022. However an ANAO audit showed that was highly unlikely and that 2025 was more realistic.

The audit also revealed that Services Australia had not adequately managed cybersecurity risks and does not have a plan in place to migrate data across to the new system.

Part of the “Digital Business Plan” as PM Scott Morrison called it includes $250 million dollars to implement a facial recognition system to access your MyGov services on their proposed platform.

It’s being sold to us that this will eliminate the need to visit a branch like Centrelink to have documents like passports and licenses checked by a human being.

The federal cabinet is also currently considering the rollout of the vaccine certificate program, which would allow people to access digital proof of vaccination via the Express Plus Medicare app and MyGov accounts.

There have also been suggestions that vaccine certificates would be used to provide simpler access to high-risk locations such as hospitals or nursing homes. They could also be used to allow people to cross state borders in the event of future lockdowns.

The ever increasing push towards the digital dystopia will see more people lose their jobs and perhaps end up on these welfare systems. All the while the Australian government spends abhorrent amounts of taxpayer money to fund our very demise.

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Author:General Maddox

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One Comment on “$1.3B Being Spent to Upgrade MyGov/Centrelink – Vaccine Passports Included”

  1. Graham H Lyons
    May 9, 2021 at 9:42 am #

    Thanks General. The “vaccine passport”, the planned vector to a totalitarian society, must be killed off at all costs. Never have we lived under a more corrupt government, utterly beholden to their evil globalist-parasite masters, acting shamelessly as an enemy of the very populace they are supposed to represent and lead, fairly and wisely. Morrison has revealed himself as just a ruthless totalitarian, yet he professes to be a “Christian”…some Christian! He has just announced that we will be locked up in Fortress Australia “indefinitely”…until the virus “is eliminated”…or we have all been vaccinated (with a pseudo-covax which is an experimental medical/genetic modification procedure…who is dumb enough not to discern the truth about this toxic shite?). Yeah, for a pathogen which (if it even exists) is as dangerous as the average flu. Never underestimate the awesome power of stupidity…and money.

    Latest on covax effects: these data are from the official US vax adverse effects register, which typically reports only ca 7% of actual events: from mid-Dec to 1st May: total 157,300 reports, including 3,840 deaths and 16,000 “serious” events, which exceeds that for all vaccines over the past 15 years! This (via its insidious “spike protein”) is the bioweapon, not some “novel coronavirus”. And still people/sheeple are lining up…they must be so lacking in self-respect that they are determined to commit suicide.

    Have just donated to Canada’s “Rebel News” in support of the gutsy Polish Christian pastor Pawel, who has just been arrested for daring to keep preaching in his Alberta church. The individual who should be arrested and punished severely in that country is the vomitous “Son of Castro”.

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