Track and Trace: COVID-19 Used as a DNA ‘Test & Tag’

Is COVID-19 being used to secretly catalog DNA across the planet?

By General Maddox.

Anyone who works in an office in Australia (or most businesses for that matter) will probably be able to see a small tag right near the electrical plug on the cord of their devices. Simply follow the cord from your PC for example to the wall and there it is. A small tag with the details of when the plug was tested, who tested it and a serial number (plus a few other details).

The overarching purpose of which is for liability protection. In the event an employee is harmed by electric shock for example, the employer can’t be sued for negligence in not making sure the equipment is safe.

Is there a similar thing happening with our COVID-19 tests? Is there a deeper, darker motive for harvesting our DNA?

We revealed in September 2020 that the UK is harvesting DNA from Coronavirus test kits under the guise of “National Security”. This was made clear in their own legislation which was passed in October 2020.

The Australian Strategic Policy Institute (ASPI) recently published a white paper describing China’s massive drive for DNA data collection of its entire population. It’s safe to say their own COVID-19 testing was used in conjunction with their DNA harvesting drive. BGI Genomics is a Chinese Communist Party linked firm that is being outsourced to in order to data mine DNA. More on them further down.

We have also learned that Australia has a connection to DNA harvesting during the so-called pandemic.

Queensland Premier Anastasia Palaszcuk’s father is the founder and director of a gene data storage and sequencing company called Gene Technology Alliance Foundation based in Singapore.

As described in an article from TOTTnews their mission statement is quite revealing.

But that’s not all. It appears the collection of DNA from citizens across the globe is the ultimate prize in data collection.

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation has been collaborating with the Chinese firm BGI Genomics to data mine the DNA of COVID-19 test kits supplied by Americans.

The B&MG foundation are using genomic data harvesting under the guise of benefiting human health. But as we all know it’s more about creating products like vaccines. mRNA Vaccines to be more precise.

This appears to be the new frontier in vaccine production and research. Altering human DNA via mRNA implantation directly into humans. Gene therapy if you will.

It also appears that in order to make this science a reality one key component is needed. Data. As much genetic data as possible on the populations that would be the recipients of the products this new frontier spawns.

What better way to garner that information than a pandemic where everyone is encouraged to get tested.

It’s almost an absolute certainty that the average person believing they’re doing the right thing and getting tested for COVID-19 has no idea they’ve just been tested and tagged like a piece of equipment. Handing over what could be defined as the most precious data of all. Your DNA.

Is it because these industries fear litigation from citizens around the world and this is how they intend to protect themselves against liability for their dangerous products? Possibly.

But it’s really just one of the many possibilities opened up to those who control our genomic data.

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Author:General Maddox

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2 Comments on “Track and Trace: COVID-19 Used as a DNA ‘Test & Tag’”

  1. Jennifer Bowra
    March 16, 2021 at 9:11 am #

    Thanks for your great info… A friend sent me this link which may be of interest…


    On Sun, 14 Mar 2021 at 16:47, Real News Australia wrote:

    > General Maddox posted: ” Is COVID-19 being used to secretly catalog DNA > across the planet? By General Maddox. Anyone who works in an office in > Australia (or most businesses for that matter) will probably be able to see > a small tag right near the electrical plug on the cord” >

  2. lach
    March 17, 2021 at 9:41 am #

    I got tested back in september before I woke up to reality. I remember that was a big wake up moment for me as I remember giving them all my personal details that was then linked to a DNA test that I provided them. My gut told me at the time something was not right. I deeply regret taking the test now.

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