Facebook bans Australians from sharing or viewing news content

Facebook is prohibiting publishers and people in Australia from sharing or viewing local and international news content, in a response to proposed …

Facebook bans Australians from sharing or viewing news content

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Author:General Maddox

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One Comment on “Facebook bans Australians from sharing or viewing news content”

  1. harold osmand
    February 20, 2021 at 2:38 pm #

    With Rape allegations, and many rumours of a bit of ankle jewelry on Scomo’s Fetlock and under house arrest, alleged House arrest! The beginning of the rollout of vaccines and Lord knows how many will suffer from those to different degree’s on basically an UNTESTED INJECTION! I have a niggling feeling that this is all shutdown by design! For once I think SUCK BURG WAS PUT IN A POSITION HE HAD TO SHUT IT DOWN! SCUMMO HAS DONE WORSE TO THE AUSTRALIAN PEOPLE! The CIA own FB, THAT INFO IS ON FREEDOM OF INFORMATION PAGE, SO ALL OF A SUDDEN WE HAVE A CONDESCENDING BIG MOUTH EGOMANIAC FROM A LITTLE PLACE DOWNUNDER TELLING A CORP THAT IS OWNED BY THE CIA WHAT TO DO???? Look I also have a bit of a bridge in Sydney that I will sell for cheap if you believe the tripe coming out of that governments slobbering mouth!

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