Creating a ‘Global Pandemic’

By Judy Wilyman PhD.
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It is now well established from the videos – Plandemic Parts 1 and 2, and from the International Tribunal of Natural Justice, that the “Coronavirus 2020 Event” was a well-planned outbreak of a genetically engineered virus. This event was planned for over two decades, and the Pandemic Preparedness Plans (PPP) were designed by corporate partners in the Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunisation (GAVI) – an alliance that advises the World Health Organisation (WHO) on the International Health Regulations (IHR) and who gain from the development of vaccines.  

The pandemic preparedness plans were implemented as sleeping contracts in all the WHO member countries under the International Health Regulations in 2005. This represents the removal of the sovereignty of countries and implementation of government by corporations who are in partnership with the WHO.

These regulations were ready to be enacted when a ‘global pandemic’ was declared by the WHO. The corporate partners influencing the design of the WHO’s global vaccination policies in the IHR’s included the Federation of Pharmaceutical Companies, the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund, and many other philanthropists. And, as we know this was about the global reset of the economy.

In order to create the appearance of a ‘global pandemic’ there were several strategies that needed to be utilized.

Firstly, the WHO advisory group needed to change the definition of a pandemic. They needed to be able to declare a ‘global pandemic’ even when there are not “enormous numbers of deaths and illnesses” in all countries.  

So, in May 2009, the WHO Emergency Committee, that had conflicts of interest with industry, changed the definition of a ‘global pandemic’. 

They did this by removing the requirement for there to be “enormous numbers of deaths and illness” to an infectious agent.  This phrase was removed and replaced with a global pandemic can be declared ‘when there are more cases of that disease than normal’.

In other words, the WHO could not have declared a ‘global pandemic’ of swine-flu in June 2009, if it had not changed the definition in May 2009; and this also applies now, in 2020.

The 2020 ‘global pandemic’ was declared even though many countries did not even have any cases of the disease. In these countries, such as Australia, it was claimed to be a ‘precautionary measure’ even though it is counter to the proven practices for controlling all infectious diseases. Again, this disease outbreak in many countries could not have been declared a ‘global pandemic’ that resulted in locking down healthy populations in all countries if the WHO had not changed the definition of a ‘pandemic’ in 2009. 

Secondly, the “enormous numbers of deaths and illnesses” were predicted on a mathematical model that used false assumptions – it was not based on the behaviour of the virus as observed in the population. Instead, it was based on extrapolated statistics based on false assumptions about viruses and how they cause disease.

This modelling was flawed because it was based on generic assumptions about the behaviour of the virus that ignored the variations in factors between countries – environmental, host, and cultural factors that are determinants of disease from infectious agents. 

Infectious agents do not cause disease on their own. Viruses are not living organisms.  Their ability to cause disease varies with the environmental and host characteristics of each country as well as the quality of their health care systems.

The US Surgeon-General, Jerome Adams, admitted this fact when he dumped the prediction model on 13 April 2020, stating that the predictions were not based on ‘real data.’ In other words, countries had locked down the healthy populations and brought in social distancing rules based on statistics that were “predictions without actual evidence.” 

There is no scientific basis for social distancing and lockdowns in the outbreak of this current disease. In my video, I described how disease statistics can be manipulated to give the appearance of an increase in a new disease by:i) changing the classification of influenza-disease ii) by providing financial incentives for diagnosing COVID19 without laboratory confirmation of the virus andiii) by extra surveillance of the disease in healthy people using a generic test for the common coronaviruses and not a test that identifies the specific new mutated virus. Thereby, creating ‘cases’ of this disease in healthy people without explaining what a positive test actually means.

Statistics can hide many things and in the case of COVID19 disease, the ‘cases’ of disease reported in the media are not an indication of the risk of this disease to the community. This is because the ‘cases’ represent healthy people without symptoms as well as people with mild flu symptoms – people who are testing positive to a test that does not identify the new virus. 

The media and government are using these ‘cases’ to frighten the public about the risk of this virus, even though they are not identifying the virus in these cases. The risk of this virus to the community can only be provided by reporting on the deaths to this disease, where the virus has been identified as well as the cases that are hospitalised. In addition, the reporting must provide the context of each case – the age and co-morbidity of the patient. 

In previous years, the co-morbidity of elderly patients, for example, those with cancer, heart disease, lung disease, diabetes, pneumonia etc, would have been listed as the cause of death for these patients. But in 2020 they are being labelled as ‘COVID19’ without proof of causality.

This is fraudulent reporting by the well primed media and government health officials as described at ‘Event 201’ that prepared for the pandemic in October 2019 – five months before the ‘pandemic’.  Accurate statistics require context. However, the media is not providing the context surrounding the definition of the ‘cases’ or what is meant by an ‘active’ case of this disease.

A change in surveillance can also enhance the appearance of a new disease. In past years, healthy people have never been tested for influenza disease.  If you test more people with a non-specific test, of course you will find more cases of people exposed to the family of coronaviruses that cause the common cold. The test is not proving that SARSCov-2 is present in these people. The average lay-person does not understand these differences in disease statistics, and they are being deliberately misled by the medical-industry reporting in the media. 

Disease diagnosis is a grey area of medicine. Changes in diagnostic criteria and extra surveillance can be used to create the appearance of an increase in one disease and a decrease in another. The more surveillance you do in healthy people, the more cases you will find if you are not using a test with high specificity for the SARSCov-2 virus, and this is the case for COVID19; neither the RT-PCR tests, nor the antibody tests are virus specific.

Here is what the public health authorities say about the specificity of the antibody test in identifying COVID19. The FDA says that “antibody tests should not be used to diagnose an active COVID19 infection.” Testing positive means you most likely have immunity for some strains of coronaviruses. The CDC confirms that the test does notdistinguish antibodies to specific strains. Thus, it cannot indicate that you have been exposed to the SARSCov2 strain, only that you may have had the common cold coronavirus strain at some time.

This testing of healthy people allows the media and the medical-industry to misuse the positive results to exaggerate the risk of a new virus in the community – even though this virus is not being identified with any of the laboratory tests used to diagnose COVID19 disease. 

The other test being used for diagnosis is the RT-PCR test. However, both the FDA and the inventor of the test, who won a Nobel Prize, stated that this is not a diagnostic tool and it has not been licensed as a diagnostic tool.  In other words, the causal agent, SARSCOV-2 cannot be identified with this test, and it is not being identified in any of the cases or deaths reported for this disease. 

The PCR test cannot identify a whole natural RNA virus.  It only magnifies segments of the RNA genome that do not provide proof that SARSCov2 is present in the tissue sample. There are also many other viruses, bacteria, and non-infectious agents that can cause the neurological damage being observed in these deaths, and no attempt is being made to prove that causality is due to this new mutated strain of coronavirus with a licensed diagnostic test.

The FDA states that ‘The detection of RNA by the PCR test does not equate with an infectious agent.’  

When the Australian government was recently asked, under the Freedom of Information Act, to provide “a document that shows there is a test that 100% positively identifies the causal agent, SARSCov2, and not other coronaviruses” the government’s response was “no relevant documents have been located.”

In other words, there is no test that is identifying the SARSCov2 virus in any of the cases or deaths that are being diagnosed and reported as COVID19 disease.  Additionally, we know that the majority of the deaths are in the elderly demographic who all have co-morbidity. 

In previous years, the deaths would have been attributed to the underlying health issues, but this year they are labelled as COVID19 even if the virus is only suspected. This year, the Australian and other governments are providing financial incentives for doctors and institutions to label the deaths and cases as COVID19, without laboratory confirmation and based only on suspected cases and estimates.      

Proof of Causality

So why is the medical profession not being required to demonstrate proof of causality for this so-called ‘global pandemic’ that is not obvious in the community?

Most of the deaths are occurring in the aged-care facilities, in the elderly who have recently had the flu vaccine. These patients all had serious underlying health issues (co-morbidity) and a recent flu vaccine. It is well documented that the flu vaccine can cause neurological damage and premature deaths in elderly people.

This year many countries mandated the flu vaccine for the first time; and the flu vaccine campaigns have occurred just prior to the spike in deaths that have occurred both in the northern and southern winter seasons.

China mandated the flu vaccine for the first time in December 2019 as did Italy, which used 4 flu vaccines in its vaccination campaigns just prior to the spike in deaths.  

Australia mandated the flu vaccine for the first time for all visitors and healthcare workers to aged-care facilities on 1 May 2020 – just prior to the well predicted and planned for “second-wave” of this declared pandemic, during our winter months. 

Data from the European Union shows there is a correlation between influenza vaccine and COVID19 deaths. The countries with the highest death rates had all vaccinated at least half of the elderly population against influenza.

This pattern has been observed in Canada as well.  82% of all reported COVID-19 deaths in Canada occurred in long-term care facilities. Evidence-based medicine requires that this correlation be investigated to see whether the vaccine was a contributing factor to the deaths – particularly as the SARSCov2 virus has not been identified with a licensed diagnostic test in these patients.

Vaccine–induced enhancement of viral infections is well documented in scientific journals.

Here are some examples:· A trial in children showed that influenza vaccine increases five-fold the risk of acute respiratory infections caused by a group of non-influenza viruses, including corona viruses.· A study in military personnel revealed a 36% increased susceptibility to corona virus infection after a flu vaccine. The study concluded that “Vaccine derived virus interference was significantly associated with corona virus illness.”  

Evidence-based medicine requires proof that this outbreak of disease is caused by a virus with appropriate diagnostic tools – for example, Koch’s postulates and the Bradhill criteria. Yet to date this scientific evidence has not been provided. The strong correlation of the disease with the mandated flu vaccine needs to be investigated before a virus is blamed. This is a plausible biological cause of the neurological illness and deaths that are being observed.  

It would be very convenient to blame a virus, and then a vaccine could be produced and promoted as the “end solution” – as Bill Gates has already suggested. This would fit with many of the agendas that are being discussed around this ‘global pandemic.’

In Italy, a doctor has stated that “COVID19 is a neurological issue probably affecting the central nervous system or a neurotransmitter and he can testify that it is not contagious.” He says it was around before the first case of this disease from China was presented in the media. 

He saw the first cases around December and early January, and it was being treated with drugs that are inhibiters of neuronal functions at different levels. It is a problem of the lungs – diffuse edema and no-one was wearing masks or gloves and no caregivers were infected from this lung disease when it was first observed. 

This is a well-planned pandemic as described in ‘Event 201,’ held in October 2019.  It was put on by the corporate partners of the WHO that profit from the development of vaccines in global health policies. 

There is no scientific evidence to support locking down the healthy population, social distancing, random medical testing, coercive vaccination, or mask wearing for healthy people in the outbreak of this disease that we are observing. These measures all increase illness in the population, and they are counter to the proven practices for controlling infectious diseases and promoting health in all communities. 

The measures also remove our fundamental human rights in society without scientific justification and they represent an attack on humanity. This is no coincidence and it is not a conspiracy theory. It is a well-orchestrated plan that has been enabled by the collaboration of private-public partnerships that advise the WHO. 

The WHO is no longer using objective scientific information in the design of global health policies that all member countries have signed up to under the International Health Regulations. National governments have lost their sovereignty by signing up to these regulations without consultation or even the knowledge of the public on whom they will be enforced. 

This has put human health at serious risk and resulted in the removal of freedoms under the guise of being for the ‘safety of the community’. That is, a medical tyranny created by the collaboration of the medical-industry-media complex that has been based on false scientific principles about viral transmission of disease.


The Moth and the Iron Lung: A Biography of Polio, by Forrest Maready reveals that neurological damage (poliomyelitis) is a condition that had many causal factors other than the polio virus. Other causes include many other viruses, the chemical DDT, arsenic, and components of vaccines.  The use of DDT became prolific throughout the 1940’ to 1960’s, and beyond. Yet, the epidemic of paralysis was blamed solely on one virus– the poliomyelitis virus- by the media who was used to promote a polio vaccine as the solution. 

Changes to the definition of an ‘epidemic’ and to the diagnostic criteria and surveillance of polio occurred after 1954, when the vaccine was introduced into the population. This resulted in the appearance of a decline in the disease, as DDT was phased out and polio vaccination campaigns were implemented. 

This decline was largely a result of the manipulation of statistics due to changes in the definition of ‘polio’ that had previously included both paralytic and non-paralytic cases of the disease. After 1954, the diagnostic criteria for polio was changed, and the two examinations were spaced 60 days apart instead of 24 hours apart. This meant that all the short-term paralyses were no longer included in the definition of “polio”. This appearance of a decline in polio was further enhanced by changing the definition of an ‘epidemic’ from 20/100,000 population to 35/100,000 population per year.

Prior to 1954, the surveillance of polio was also enhanced by the Health Department through increased funding for hospitals. Diagnosing polio was incentivised by linking its diagnosis to the funding of hospital services, just as they are doing today, in 2020, with COVID19. This increased surveillance for polio prior to 1954, was removed after the vaccine was introduced.

Hence, whilst the statistics indicated that polio in the US declined from 1955 onwards, the reality was that paralysis increased by 50% from 1957-1958 and 80% by 1958-1959. The decline in polio was enhanced again in 1958, when non-paralytic cases of polio that showed meningeal signs were re-classified as “aseptic meningitis.”

These changes in diagnostic criteria and surveillance have been well documented by Dr. Suzanne Humphries, MD, in her book Dissolving Illusions: Diseases, Vaccines and History you don’t Know.  1:10:19

Smoke, Mirrors & the Disappearance” of Polio, Dr. Suzanne Humphries, MD

The media has always been used to control the population. Plato stated, “Those who tell the stories rule the planet.” Is this a repeat of history, and is it possible that the neurological damage that we are seeing has been caused by the flu vaccine and other infectious and non-infectious agents that have not been identified in the cases and deaths? Proof of causality is essential before we give up our freedoms under the guise of protecting the community. 

To date, the testing and reporting of COVID19 has been fraudulent and on a civil rights basis this is punishable in court. 

Global Report Novel Coronavirus 2019 n-CoV: “There is no deadly pandemic. The data is clear” 

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