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Quick message to all my subscribers…

Folks I’m sure most of you are aware that we have a podcast as well. The General Knowledge Podcast has been going since September 2018 and is now about to start Season 3 this Saturday.

We’ve had some great guests over the years including:

  • David Icke
  • James Corbett
  • Rachel Celler
  • Max Igan
  • & more

With more scheduled to join the conversation in Season 3.

The good news is the content doesn’t stop there!

We’ve just launched the first show of our exclusive Patreon Only Bonus Content Show.

This is a way that all of my subscribers can contribute to our efforts in order keep bringing you independent news articles and alternative media coverage of the world as we see it.

So instead of just donating money (which is still very much appreciated) you can become our patron via our unique Patreon Page and receive something for your contribution.

Check it out now!

The first bonus content show is available now to all Patreon supporters!

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