An Open Letter to Christians and Christian Leaders

[Editors note: This piece is not a reflection of any personal beliefs nor is it intended to discriminate against anyone with or without personal religious beliefs. Please consider sharing regardless of your personal & religious beliefs. This does in no way encourage incitement to break the law]

By Pete Veritas.

Dear Christians and Christian Leaders of Australia,

I’m writing to you with a desperate appeal for you to consider your position in the way you are approaching the current state of the world and the country – and how this relates to the way you run your church (for those of you who are leaders in the church).

There are many significant events happening around the world right now that are fully indicative of the ‘end times teachings’ (Revelation).

This could be a very long letter detailing human and child trafficking, institutional pedophilia in many areas of authority, police brutality in the now Communist State of Victoria, corruption and fear mongering propagated by the mainstream media, but I’ll keep things as concise as I can.

There is a major problem with our Prime Minister and his agenda that is playing out here in Australia – specifically around forced vaccinations. They will be mandatory to the point that if you do not take this rushed vaccine, you will face an unspecified number of consequences that sound more than suspiciously like the conditions described when accepting the ‘Mark of the Beast’.

I have seen churches, most notably Hillsong, come out in support of their Prime Minister as doing great things by pushing this vaccine, which will not only be significantly damaging to the many who will take it blindly, coerced by thoughts of getting their lives back or swayed by fear of being left out of society, ignoring the fact it may also contain aborted fetal cells.

There are many issues within all of this that should spark Christians into action. I have seen a few but not nearly enough people stand up to try to help the masses understand this is a dangerous flashpoint in history – and that Jesus may well be returning soon.

It is very apparent that there is a spiritual war between good and evil right now. This overblown virus which every day is coming apart by the seams as more and more lies are uncovered is causing a genuine ‘awakening’ as people are forced to open their eyes and question what the world they are living in is truly about. This leaves people looking for answers, pondering God in a way they possibly never have before. There is not just opportunity here for the Church, there is a REQUIREMENT for the church to embrace this situation, show leadership and tackle it head on.

What would Jesus do?

Many of you would know that in many churches around the globe there have been restrictions on not just gathering, but when meeting together you are not allowed to sing praise to God in worship. This flies in the face of any logic and should be clearly demonstrating an attack on Christianity is well underway!

Things to consider:

• The technology for microchips exists. microchipping/

• ID2020 ( which was created years ago but just HAPPENS to go by the name ID2020, and Covi-Pass ( These are technologies that are actively rolling out to ensure tracking of vaccinations, and for allowing access to prove you ‘meet requirements’ for travel, access to stores and much more.

• The Australian Government has actively floated the concept of a ‘no jab, no job’ policy. vaxxers/12575138 as stated above, conditions set on the ability to earn income for your family is a primary objective of the ‘Mark of the Beast’.

• Vaccines contain aborted fetal cells (MRC-5 for example, a diploid human cell culture line composed of fibroblasts, originally developed from research deriving lung tissue of a 14-week old aborted caucasian male foetus. -cell-strains-vaccine-development

• One of the primary vaccines in development in this massive charge for big $$ is the Moderna Vaccine, which is openly designed to alter human DNA and has never been approved for use on humans. For good reason. biontech-covid-shot/

• Leaders within the Catholic church have led the way in flagging their ethical concerns. coronavirus-vaccine/12588578?fbclid=IwAR2SNIyuUGp3FXeXNHz-Si4E2Xn0b_XcA5zUDbLNF- p526tL5mDHBireOsk

• There is legislation being put in place in order to separate families, children from their parents, including forcible removal under ‘emergency health orders’. See Sec 25a from the South Australian health act. 25A—Removal of children (1) Without derogating from section 25, an authorised officer may, for the purpose of ensuring compliance with any direction under that section, remove a child from any premises, place, vehicle or vessel to a place of residence of the child or to a hospital or quarantine facility, as the authorised officer thinks fit (and may, in doing so, use such force as is reasonably necessary). 19%20EMERGENCY%20RESPONSE%20ACT%202020/CURRENT/2020.7.AUTH.PDF

• The above is already occurring in New Zealand zealand/2020/08/coronavirus-all-new-zealand-s-confirmed-covid-19-cases-to-be-put-in- quarantine-facilities-from-now-on.html And seems destined for Australian shores given the legislation being quietly and quickly drawn up.

Millions of people in places like London, Berlin and many other countries are taking to the streets to peacefully protest the deliberate destruction of their businesses, livelihoods and the banning and censorship of doctors on the frontline who are speaking out about the agenda. They know effective medications are conveniently BANNED or severely restricted in this country. Health officers and politicians involved in this are actively choosing to ramp up fake numbers, using a fake PCR test to test for a virus that has mutated over 100 times already and counting, therefore rendering a vaccine pointless and certain to be ineffective (and highly dangerous to many vulnerable and elderly people).

These people are clearly NOT conspiracy theorists, they are people who – just like Christians – care about their fellow humans, and the futures of their children. They see the fear being instilled into their families, being taken out of school and being conditioned to not have the opportunity to grow up in the world we have been lucky to have. They just want these most simple of rights and they can tell they are being stripped away permanently on the basis of a globally orchestrated lie.

It is not a crazy thing to ask why we have sacrificed trillions of dollars for a virus which has a nearly 100% recovery rate and has been shown over time to be less deadly than the average flu season.

On Saturday the 5th of September in capital cities all around the country there will be Freedom marches occurring. This is a massive chance for the church to stand side by side with people and show solidarity for humanity’s sake. Good and Evil are very apparent in this world. Not just classically religious people are seeing that now. The Deceivers in the end days that the Bible speaks of are taking over this world, and we just want to see Christians getting out of their homes and churches and meeting people where they are at, putting on the ‘armour of God’ and really being his ‘hands and feet’ on this Earth he has entrusted us with.

Will you join us?

This information is for educational purposes only. Protecting the public health of RNA readers is an important priority.

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Author:General Maddox

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4 Comments on “An Open Letter to Christians and Christian Leaders”

  1. Glenn de jong
    September 2, 2020 at 5:40 pm #

    Well said !

  2. Peter
    September 2, 2020 at 10:00 pm #

    Your exhortation to Christians in Australia is very relevant to the current political situation, particularly in Victoria. As believers in the Lord Jesus and his Bible, we need to discern that we are living in the end – time fulfilment of Bible prophecy ( Matt 24; Rev :13). We are the Body of Christ through whom He performs His will. Do not accept the Mark of the Beast ( Mark = Greek: scratch, etch, stamp). Covid Vaccination is that Mark!

  3. crisscross767
    September 3, 2020 at 9:35 am #

    Pregnant Australian woman arrested at home for promoting anti-lockdown protest on Facebook

    Police told Zoe Buhler, 28, that she was under arrest for “incitement” and that they would be seizing all computers and mobile devices on the property, whether or not they belonged to her…


  4. Katuschia
    September 6, 2020 at 12:54 pm #

    Well said Pete! The silence of Christian church leaders in Australia, on the current covid19 “issue” and all that it encompasses, is nothing short of appalling. Is it fear, apathy, ignorance, cowardice, gullibility? Or is it a form of numbness and shock, because they are so unprepared for this type of occurrence? -Or has the Great delusion already begun? -They should have been teaching about Christ’s second coming in a fearless way for at least the last 50 yrs. But what has happened? – As far as I can see, the church has been infiltrated by political and bureaucratic behaviour, a dependence on hierarchical authority, a dumbing down of the masses, and a dislike of questions or disagreement which arise from that greatest of threats, “independent thought “! ! All of this mirrors the world, which should not be the case. Many of them have become what the Bible describes as “…having a form of godliness, but no power.”
    Those with genuine faith must continue to “have eyes that see, and ears that hear”, and with God’s help, “read the signs of the times”.

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