Remember, Remember the 5th of September

The world has had enough and Australia is no different. People aren’t buying into the fake #CoronaHoax any more. But it’s the constant power grabbing and oppression by our government that’s hurting the most. Australia is about to take a stand.

By General Maddox.

It seems November is just too far away to properly sync up with the Guy Fawkes legacy. Remember, remember the 5th of November September could be the new legacy laid down by brave Australian’s when they besiege capital cities in the thousands across the nation in solidarity to oppose the government’s draconian rules set in place during this fake pandemic.

We have covered the hoax extensively in many articles at Real News Australia as well as done numerous podcasts at the General Knowledge Podcast breaking down the hoax narrative and exposing the lies, misinformation, fake news, propaganda and more. You need not look far to find even more information from Australia about this #CoronaHox. Ethan at TOTTnews has also done extensive articles shattering the establishment narrative. Look overseas to find even more!

John Rappaport has also written over a hundred articles on the topic at No More Fake News. There’s simply no excuse for the public to be ignorant of the facts any more. It’s either listen to the known, documented liars in Government and the mainstream media who have a major stake in the scam or listen to the alternative independent media who have zero vested interests in lying to the public. We are the news. The people are the news. The establishment no longer has any credibility. And they know it!

Freedom Day as it has become known is planned for Saturday September 5th, 2020. We spoke to event promoter Michael Simms to find out what this event is all about;

Freedom Day is a day for everyone. Everyone from every nationality. Everyone from every demographic. A day for every single Australian to stand up and unite for their freedoms and everything they believe in. We all deserve to have hopes, dreams, beliefs, human rights and our own freedoms.

However, the clowns at the mainstream media and the Victorian Police have a different perspective on what this is all about.

Luke Cornelius

Assistant Police Commissioner Luke Cornelius reduces himself to using ad homonym attacks and school bully name calling when addressing the planned Freedom Day. Calling them the “Tinfoil hat wearing brigade” and that what we believe is “Bat shit crazy”.

The mainstream media had their turn as well labeling the people who are promoting such events as a “cult”.

One outspoken elderly gentlemen who was also promoting the Freedom Day event was arrested. He posted this on his Facebook page.

So the pressure cooker that is Victoria, Melbourne specifically, will have the whole world watching on September 5th. We’ve seen peaceful rallies in major cities all over the world in the last few weeks. Authorities have taken a backseat and realised it was pointless stopping them. However here in Australia we constantly see news footage of a defiant public in smaller groups suffer the heavy hand of our police forces. The mainstream media is constantly attempting to manage the perception of the public so that we think protesting is a bad idea.

The lockdowns around the world, which were based on poor models and fake data, have destroyed economies and countless lives. Enough is enough. When you corner a wild animal it lashes out. Consider the people who are wise to the scam as the wild animals and their version of lashing out is taking to the streets to say that the establishments time is up.

The question is… how many will rise?

This information is for educational purposes only. Protecting the public health of RNA readers is an important priority.

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Author:General Maddox

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    August 30, 2020 at 8:37 pm #

    #Scamdemic “Reset” Fulfils Protocols of Zion

    A synopsis of the Illuminati’s blueprint


  2. Cheryl Russell
    August 31, 2020 at 7:51 am #

    Is there a Freedom Rally scheduled for Cairns QLD on 5 September 2020?


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