CBS News Admits, 5G Is Already Causing Staggering Health Problems

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July 26, 2018
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In this new story over at Forbidden Knowledge TV that Steve Quayle linked to on his website Wednesday morning they reported that the roll out of 5G is already causing staggering health problems after firefighters in several different California counties from San Francisco to Sacramento to Los Angeles reported neurological damage, headaches, insomnia, memory problems and confusion soon after 5G equipment was installed outside of their fire stations. 

And while one wouldn’t blame the reader for thinking that story might be some bizarre ‘conspiracy theory’, back on May 29th of this year, CBS Sacramento reported that major health risk questions have been raised about the roll out of 5G just months before Sacramento officially launches 5G services and their story indeed reports: 

Firefighters in San Francisco…

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One Comment on “CBS News Admits, 5G Is Already Causing Staggering Health Problems”

  1. June 20, 2020 at 9:36 pm #

    yes, and a Rep Senator has put up a Bill to gain an exemption from the EPA safety review process. Why do that unless you know that it would fail the process? EVIL!!

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