Australian 5G coverage reaches 50 per cent

As the controversial 5G rollout continues across Australia, Telstra have announced over 600 suburbs are now reaching 50 per cent coverage. The …

Australian 5G coverage reaches 50 per cent

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Author:General Maddox

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One Comment on “Australian 5G coverage reaches 50 per cent”

  1. Mark McDougall
    May 23, 2020 at 3:54 pm #

    Also on gumshoe noos, as questions for Joe,

    Oxygen in the air may transmute 60GHz emf into warmth and that may dissipate into N2 in the air. Sure, basic mechanistic, lifeless science.
    But, will this excited oxygen in vivo transfuse into the alveoli and be absorbed by the capiliaries and the blood’s haemoglobin similarly to non emf excited oxygen?
    TOTALLY UNKNOWN? Please show me the study?
    Further, will it, the 60GHz excited oxygen, dissociate as per the last 1000 years from the haeme molecule similarly under this emf re-orientation ?
    TOTALLY UNKNOWN? Please show me the study?
    Will it, the emf excited oxygen, like a domino or like unstable Uranium knock the iron out of the haemoglobin, or irreparably damage any of the protein gated channels or their cellular connections or effect any other dissonant life process disturbance?
    If the fleet owners of the Ruby Princess had not done a deal with starlink and wired all their fleet with wall to wall 60GHz connectivity, we could say, wow, strange, unlucky passengers?
    Ruby Princess wasn’t the only ship in the fleet and the CV cases were on other ships too?
    Where there are other fine particulates in the air and lung, damaging as they are, will they compounded by 5G emf activation make the oxygen more damaging?
    I dont know this, but would like to learn it? Can you help me?
    Looking forward to your considered reply, thanks, Mark

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