ANZAC Day Ceremony Despite COVID-19 Restrictions

Press Release

By Prue Neiberding.

On Saturday 25th April at 10:30am at Trafalgar Train Station Park on the Princes Highway, local communities will be gathering together to partake in their own Anzac Day Ceremony and Exercise and Education forum against the lockdowns declared as a result of COVID-19.

We will be attending en-mass to demand an end to the restrictions which are killing our jobs and livelihoods. We will be gathering against government constraints on Victorians and demanding that we may hunt and fish for our tables without hindrance.

We call on our Premier to reopen our places of worship, a place to turn to for solace in times of trouble. We insist that we be allowed back into our workplaces that we might feed our families.

We demand that Daniel Andrews takes a pay cut, rather than reward himself with pay rises at a time when so many Victorians have lost their jobs and businesses, with more losses to inevitably come over the coming months. During the Great Depression of 1929 political figures at the time reduced their own wages by fifteen percent. With Parliaments around Australia sitting idle whilst State Premiers operate at will without the usual checks and balances, we expect that the Andrew’s Government should double this figure for all sitting members.

We are tired of sleek, well fed politicians and high salaried health ‘experts’ telling us we ‘are doing a good job’ and we are ‘all in the same boat’. We are not in the same boat! We are in the same storm, but their situation is so very different from that of ordinary Australians around the state and the country.

Many people will soon lose their homes and assets, and are losing their mental health whilst being penned in their houses unable to gain comfort and support of loved ones without fear of reprisal. Our elderly are sitting miserable and alone. Our hospitals echo emptily whilst those who seek operations or life saving care are turned away. Our young mothers are struggling. Our young men are worried and depressed. Our children are confused and sad, deprived of the one thing children do best – playing in the sun with their peers. The asinine ‘rules’ pertaining to the lockdown are so contradictory and unrealistic that sensible people are fast becoming unsupportive, and we demand a review immediately.

With the new information that has come to light in the last month, showing that COVID-19 is less dangerous than initially feared, we are not prepared to sit back and continue to watch Australia slide into a devastating Depression which will leave its damaging mark for generations to come. We say no to the printing of money which will invariably result in hyperinflation. We say no to months of more restrictions and lockdowns based on hysterical data that is proving every day to be wildly inaccurate. We say no to intergenerational debt as politicians spend like drunken sailors rather than letting our young and healthy keep the economy humming.

We say it’s time to let Australians get on with enjoying the freedoms that were hard won by our ancestors and our Anzacs. To do any less is to dishonour their memory.

Quotes attributed to Topher Field:

“It’s awful to see the Premier of Victoria tearing away at the very freedoms that our ANZACS fought for, and becoming what they fought against. Our soldiers fought against governments which took total control over their people, and yet today we see Daniel Andrews trying to take total control over the Victorian people, with unlimited government spending for 6 months, unlawful lockdowns of healthy people, and no accountability to the representatives we elected.”

“In western democracies, the government is supposed to be the servant of the people, not a bully. Yet what we’re seeing from Daniel Andrews now is bullying and intimidation, an unprecedented power grab, and all based on epidemiological models which have already been proven to be wrong.”

“This virus will pass, but the massive debt and unprecedented power grab will affect Victorians for generations. We owe it to our children to stop this in our generation and pass to them the same freedoms that our ancestors and especially our ANZACS passed to us.”

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3 Comments on “ANZAC Day Ceremony Despite COVID-19 Restrictions”

  1. shellys
    April 25, 2020 at 9:22 am #

    love it

  2. April 25, 2020 at 10:55 am #

    Hear, Hear!

    • April 25, 2020 at 12:46 pm #

      No govt has absolute power over any living being on this Earth If it claims it has it is an illegitimate government and must be dissolved. Every living man /woman and child has the right to refuse consent to be under house lockdown…having access to natural nutrition ood and clean water and a job…being free to move visit loved ones and friends.. I DO NOT CONSENT TO ANY MANDATORY VACCINE nor FOREIGN INTERESTS parties taking over our labour and assets Stop yr MILITARY unlawful occupation of our land / soil / air jurisdiction. Air is God given and dies not belong to a JESUIT ex Pope named plain Jorge Bergoglio

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