Virus being used to accelerate 5G rollout

COVID-19 measures will see Australia’s 5G rollout accelerate to ‘meet demand of businesses working from home’, as Telstra announces an extra $500 …

Virus being used to accelerate 5G rollout

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Author:General Maddox

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One Comment on “Virus being used to accelerate 5G rollout”

  1. Canadian Wildflower
    March 26, 2020 at 11:27 am #

    Very good article! As was this one:

    Yes, I can see that this whole thing is a cover for other things being brought down. In our Alberta capital, some stores are refusing to take cash, as well. How convenient; a plague, to bring in the cashless society! And wait! Telecommunication companies have fast-tracked online billing, eliminating paper billing basically overnight, what a timely move! Forcing their customers to pay online, or use an app.

    Almighty God tells his people hundreds of times in different ways, Fear not! Do not be afraid! People need to start taking the bible seriously, repenting of all their sinning, and seeking the Lord! There is such peace, and the panic being whipped up amongst the blindfolded masses has no effect on a heart that is stayed on Christ. Praise God!

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