Language of Fear: Attack in Melbourne

The mainstream media are the true peddlers of fear.

By General Maddox.

In a climate of constant media propaganda and spin designed to keep us in a perpetual state of fear, we again see an incident on Australian soil quickly described as a “Terror Attack” by the mainstream media.

There are a few things that seem odd about this incident which I will go over later but that’s not exactly what I’m shining a spotlight on here. What I wanted to point out and keep the public aware of is the blatant use of public perception and mind manipulation tactics employed by the news media.

Some of the tactics include visual stimuli such as graphics and footage like bold and obvious titles like the image below. But it’s the auditory catch cry’s like the overusage of the word TERROR or variants of it.

If you watch the footage by clicking the below YouTube link you’ll see the coverage by Channel Nine News. You may want to view it a few times for prudence.

The word ‘Terror’ or variants of it were used 9 times in that 4 minutes and 39 seconds video. Not including visually. Just audible uses.

The obvious uses were the 2 times the reporter at the end of the segment described the incident as “Terrifying” although her pronunciation sounds more like “Terrorfying“. (Time stamp at 4:17 & 4:30).

Own a thesaurus? That reporter could have used a multitude of synonyms to adjectively describe the incident however she chose “Terrorfying“.

These are clear tactics employed by the social engineers and media manipulators to keep us, the general public, in that perpetual fear state so we are more easily controlled. Whether this was a genuine act of terrorism or simply a violent act carried out like the many police are confronted with on a daily basis is yet to be seen. However the narrative from the mainstream media is clear. Terror & Fear.

Now as I mentioned earlier there are a few odd things about this incident that seem a bit out of place or need further investigation and explanation. Though I’m not hopeful of such an outcome. But I will as the questions in the hope of making everyone more aware that there’s more to this than meets the eye. If you’re able to shed any light on them or offer any theories please do contribute in the comments below.

1) The attacker wasn’t named.

This is indeed odd as the media and authorities love to get a name out to the public. Especially if it’s African or Arabic sounding. Usually to further fuel xenophobia amongst us.

2) Why did the police not use their tasers or pistols?

All police are armed with tasers and pistols for use in these situations. Instead you can clearly see them trying to beat him with their batons. I can confirm that police are trained to deal with this situation with a taser or lethal force. “Warn, then shoot if the assailant comes at you while maintaining safest distance possible”, a former Queensland Police officer said to me. They also outnumbered him which means they had the upper hand and more opportunities to incapacitate the attacker for arrest or kill him.

3) It seems like the uniformed officers were attempting to stall the attacker and keep him occupied until help arrived.

In the footage above you can see the police almost going toe-to-toe with the attacker. They jostle back and forth and swing their batons at him and hold them up to block his knife swings and lunges. This is NOT what they are trained to do. It appears as if they are stalling and buying time until back up arrives or another law enforcement group arrives.

4) Did the uniform police shoot and kill or was it someone else?

In the footage we can see someone from the dark coloured SUV that pulled up get out with their gun drawn. Was it this person that shot the man dead or a uniformed officer? The 2 men in black seen standing over the attacker as he lay shot on the ground do appear to be police but more of a SWAT style special response group as the one with the police style cap on is seen with gun drawn pointing at the man on the ground. While uniformed officers don’t appear to have their guns out. See images below.

Attacker alive as SUV pulls up

Special Response Officer gets out

Pistol out and attacker now lying on ground. Presumably after he is just shot.

Above 3 images we can see capped officer still holding pistol up after it seems he shot the attacker.

5) The police and counter-terrorism authorities knew the man and his family.

The media mention that police are aware the man arrived in Australia from Somalia in the 1990’s and that they are aware of him and his family plus their connections from a “terrorism perspective”. So if they are so up to speed on this person why is he allowed to roam our streets so freely? Why not have him deported or locked up? It’s a long time to be in Australia becoming more and more radicalised to finally just snap? Seems odd to me. I think it’s because he’s not a patsy, but a tool. A tool they wanted to use to carry out an incident such as this to justify their existence, expand their powers, increase their budgets and curtail more of our freedoms.

6) Inaccurate reporting

The reporter says the police were responding to a car fire and when they arrived the attacker lunged at them with a knife and that’s when officers shot him. Yet this is clearly contradictory to what we see in the footage. Wouldn’t the police have been there to respond to the knife attacks? Surely the members of the public who phoned 0-0-0 (our emergency telephone number in Australia) said there was a crazy person stabbing people not ‘oh there’s a car on fire’.

That’s all the things that seem odd to me. If you think of more or have any other questions please comment below.

So once again we have another attack in a capital city centre with what appears to be a muslim from Africa as the perpetrator. Whether this is actually the case or not is yet to come out. But again this isn’t the purpose of this article. What we’re trying to focus on here so as not to get swept up in the hype and to stay vigilant is how incidents like this are portrayed to the public.

Yes terrorism is a real thing and there are acts of terrorism carried out by individuals and groups for political or religious motives but this appears to be yet another “Terror Attack” that isn’t actually a “Terror Attack”. Bourke Street 2 years ago ring a bell? Lindt Cafe ring a bell?

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Author:General Maddox

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10 Comments on “Language of Fear: Attack in Melbourne”

  1. VIk
    November 10, 2018 at 12:03 pm #

    Just thank you so much for your critic of this event. Yep its smelling fishy…

  2. Helen
    November 10, 2018 at 2:09 pm #

    Yeah lots doesn’t add up here. The tussle with the police looks choreographed to me. They could have just tazed him. I suspect the name is not given so we can’t check up on his social media history to see if what they say about him is legit.There have been calls for more gun control from the media. Gun? Supposedly he had a knife not a gun. Suppose we can expect more security measures at airports after this and possibly more freedom for the police, less rights for us. Guaranteed that will slip quietly under the radar, there’ll be not a peep from the media about that.

  3. November 10, 2018 at 2:10 pm #

    Reblogged this on TOTT News.

  4. November 10, 2018 at 4:02 pm #

    Yes, it seemed odd to me too – and you’re certainly right about the media drumming up the fear factor. I’m always suspicious of these sorts of events – whether or not they’re staged – and if so, for what purpose. Usually, as Helen suggested above, it’s to increase police powers and reduce our rights and freedom.

  5. Ginny Wojak
    November 12, 2018 at 7:31 am #

    Perfectly timed to reach the public as Remembrance Day loomed. Australia has its own agenda and I don’t think it’s in the interests of the people. Sadly, I believe this orchestration is just another clear sign that we, like many other countries, are living in the shadow of the Orange One. Transparency of motive within government is fast becoming obsolete as Australia lines up to salute him.


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