The ultimate guide to the dangers of vaccines in Australia

One of the most comprehensive articles on this topic you’ll ever read by our brother in arms Ethan at


Cartoon by Steve Hunter for TOTT News
Cartoon by Steve Hunter for TOTT News. Photo: Facebook

The Australian government’s claims of safety and efficacy of vaccines are being underpinned by non-objective science provided by an oligarchy of pharmaceutical companies through industry-funded institutions and lobby groups.

In this hostile climate, any citizen questioning vaccination policy is reflexively labelled an ‘anti-vaxxer’ and marginalised or even censored. 

The following piece is an ultimate guide to the dangers of vaccines in Australia, including a list of ingredients, studies and medical professionals opposing vaccines, details of the adverse reaction process domestically, Big Pharma’s connections to big business and more.


It is the hottest topic in Australia right now – Should I vaccinate myself and/or my children?

Dominating television airwaves and newspaper columns for the better part of half a decade now, the debate has evolved to become a daily talking point amongst the general populous in Australia, with an increasing amount of…

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