Brisbane To Take Part In World Rally

Australia Unites Internationally for Freedom of Choice

The International Revolution For Choice Rally is being held June 2nd in Brisbane, Queens Gardens Park (outside the Casino), 2pm to 5pm. Australia joins Italy, Poland, France, Serbia, Germany, Bulgaria, America, Argentina, Chile, Ukraine and other Countries in a global uniting of cultures and people to protect Freedom of Choice and our right to choose medical procedures without coercion, bullying and intimidation.

In 2016 Australia introduced No Jab, No Pay and Play Policies. Children aged 4 if NOT up to date with the 14 to 16 different vaccines on the National Immunisation Schedule are unable to attend daycare and kindergarten in Victoria and NSW and in Queensland centres have the right to refuse. Parents of unvaccinated children are financially punished and unable to get family tax benefits, childcare rebates and benefits which can equate to thousands of dollars per family per child.

Freedom Of Choice advocates are not only concerned about the erosion to choose vaccination without discrimination, intimidation and financial blackmail but the slippery slope of ANY forced and coerced medical procedure and state interference and force. No Jab, No Job is already happening here in Australia for medical staff with the future potential for No Jab, No Pension – No Jab, No Nursing Home and so on. It is unknown at this stage how far the Government will go to enforce policies.

International Freedom Of Choice speakers include Medical Specialists, Professionals, leading activists, concerned parents and parents with pharmaceutical-damaged children – Bring your family and friends, blanket, chairs and banners, get ready to be motivated, united and empowered. The event finishes with a peaceful protest shutting down the streets of Brisbane.

Rally organizer Allona Lahn says “the Australian public has had enough of the intimidation, coercion, fear, bullying, blackmail and bribery by the Government with policies like No Jab, No Pay and Play”

Freedom Of Choice Australia state “Freedom of Choice is an inalienable and unassailable human right.

Events of our International Revolution For Choice family in the world:



Italy Padova:

Italy Bari

Italy Genova:









The event has been organised by concerned Australian citizens connecting with likeminded international global groups with the help of organisations like Freedom Of Choice Australia and the AVN – Australian Vaccination Sceptics Network.

This event is a peaceful gathering of the people to unite those concerned about our erosion of Freedom Of Choice. For further information contact or

For further information or media enquires please contact Allona Lahn

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One Comment on “Brisbane To Take Part In World Rally”

  1. Sonja
    June 3, 2018 at 12:19 pm #

    It’s so good that these rallies are being organized to try to get the truth ‘out there,’ to counteract the incessant propaganda from the medical mafia and their media lackeys. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to attend this one due to a previous commitment that I couldn’t change. I hope someone will post footage of it, so we can forward it on to inform others.

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