Pro-vax Argument Lost Me When They Couldn’t Answer These Questions

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I often get asked, why so many f**king posts about vaccines???

Believe it or not 3 years ago I was the one arguing in favour of vaccines. I even ran a promotion for one of my businesses where for every new social media fan I paid to have a child in Africa vaccinated against polio through UNICEF. That promotion was met with a lot of unexpected opposition, and for the first time I was made aware that another side to this issue even existed, one that isn’t covered by the corporate news media. Keen to justify my promotion I thought I’d go to the source, surely the govt and pharmaceutical companies would have all the info on safety studies and effectiveness for me in their product inserts that would shut all that opposition up? Was I in for a shock!

After reading these documents and researching the ingredients that make up these vaccines I was horrified! Ingredients that in other industries are considered toxic waste being ‘legally’ injected into children. All that info right there on the package inserts that doctors don’t give to parents well before vaccination so they can make an informed choice. On the advice of someone in the industry I contacted the Health Dept, surely they’d be able to give me a logical reason why these seemingly nasty substances were being used and were completely safe right? I was given the cold shoulder and told I may be able to access product information on the pharmaceutical company websites (the same websites that had horrified me).

Did you know that vaccine manufacturers run their own safety studies?

That the government passes these drugs based on those studies?

That vaccine manufacturers are protected from legal action for any harm their supposedly ‘safe products’ do?

Why have we entrusted the safety of millions of children to the oversight of a group of people whose sole focus is making billion dollar profits?

When you read about the tens of thousands of vaccine injured and killed children, it’s impossible not to be touched by their families stories, stories that our media would never cover for fear of losing valuable advertising dollars from pharma co’s. I’m not ‘anti-vax’ (why is that a term anyway, vaccines are all so different) I think there could be a place for vaccines in society, however the current vaccine schedule is extremely dangerous, and will remain that way while the focus is on profit over child safety. I think even Edward Jenner would be rolling in his grave if he saw how his discovery had been manipulated. How instead of using sufficient viral antigen, pharma co’s were injecting toxins and metals into kids to deliberately aggravate their bodies response to the injection, all so they can use less antigen (expensive) and more toxins (cheap), regardless of whether those toxins find their way into kids nervous systems and brains.

Never forget that the majority of these diseases were an issue in the early to mid 1900’s, a time when we were at war, where sanitation was poor if there was any at all, nutritious food and clean water was scarce (ask your grandparents), plumbing and electricity lacking, people living in poor conditions. As these conditions improved, the death rates for the diseases dropped off a cliff, then vaccines conveniently came in to claim the credit and make loads of money for their owners.

Here’s some questions to at least consider:

*Why is a newborn baby vaccinated on day 1 of life against a disease that is primarily transmitted sexually and through needles in drug users?

*Why are babies given vaccines to produce antibodies when they don’t produce antibodies until after the age of 3 to 6 months?

*Why is the govt telling parents to delay breast feeding and get more vaccines when breast-fed babies produce higher levels of antibodies? (See the .gov link at the bottom of this article)

*Why are vaccine manufacturers not held responsible when their product injures your child? Why would they need to be protected from the effects of such wonderful products??

*Why have no double blind, placebo, randomized controlled trials been done on any vaccines? Standard with any other drug. Some might say there have been, but injecting kids with an aluminum-adjuvant ‘placebo’ is not a placebo, it’s injecting kids with a known neuro-toxin.

*Why is the world following the US when they are the most vaccinated population on the planet with the highest rates of infant deaths/SIDS in the western world?

*Why are disease outbreaks occurring in populations with 90%+ vaccination rates?

*Why are kids vaccinated against these diseases still catching and spreading them?

*Why are we scared of non-fatal illnesses that train a child’s immune system how to behave on this planet?

*Why are vaccine manufacturers allowed to cut down on antigen and insert cheap and nasty toxic additives that aggravate the injection site?

*Why do we need multi-dose vaccines if the number 1 priority of vaccine manufacturers is your child’s safety?

*Why will no doctor sign a written guarantee for your child’s safety prior to vaccinating them with a product they insist you have?

All fairly valid questions in my opinion, but try asking that to someone who defends their reality to the death, you’ll get some very amusing responses. How can I not want to share this information once I’ve discovered it for myself? Millions of children are needlessly at risk, that’s my motivation!

If this has astounded you as much as me, you should read this!

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4 Comments on “Pro-vax Argument Lost Me When They Couldn’t Answer These Questions”

  1. mrvege
    March 21, 2017 at 7:38 pm #

    Thank you very much for this I’m bookmarking this article for the next time I get the “your unvaxed children are harming the world” argument

  2. Sonja
    March 21, 2017 at 9:17 pm #

    Here are a few more questions:

    Why are governments and health authorities ignoring the fact that since childhood vaccine schedules were increased in the late 1980s, the rates of allergies, autism, ADD/ADHD and auto-immune diseases have increased virtually in parallel? (That’s not to say vaccines are the only cause, but there is a lot of evidence that they are certainly a big contributing factor).

    Why are adolescent boys being given Gardasil when clinical trials could only guarantee protection from the viruses in the vaccine for 2.9 years for males?

    Why has Gardasil not been recalled, because rates of reported serious adverse events are higher than the mortality figures for cervical cancer in women who have regular pap smears?

    Why is there so much Polysorbate 80, which is linked to infertility, in vaccines?

    And here’s one for members of all the major religions:

    Why isn’t there an uproar about the fact that several vaccines contain traces of cells from aborted foetuses, and these vaccines have been linked to a significantly increased risk of autism, childhood leukaemia and lymnphomas?

  3. daveyone1
    March 22, 2017 at 5:48 am #

    Reblogged this on World Peace Forum.

  4. PennyBH
    March 23, 2017 at 8:37 pm #


    …because politicians by and large do not care and don’t want to know because they are basically lily-livered.
    Also, there could be a money trail, called holiday packages and special accessories worth quite a bit, conferences that are really excuses for days off on some tropical island.
    Make up your own list and probably close to the mark.
    In Aust. and the US, lobbyists have more influence than the people.
    They don’t have answers to these questions and writing to them is a waste of time because you get a pap respond printed off from a bank of replies.
    i know because I worked for an MP.

    Great post thanks from Maddox because I can save it and give to my son in case he thinks of having children. I will be warning him of the dangers and the risk of getting a healthy child growing up as autistic.


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