Science bloggers, ‘skeptics’ exposed as group of online terrorists whose weapons include intimidation, censorship and threats –

(NaturalNews) If you think back to the days of your childhood, chances are that you will recall witnessing the occasional spat on the playground where a school bully stole another student’s lunch or book bag and threatened retaliation for tattling, or perhaps lied about another student to a teacher in order to get him or her in trouble. Fast forward to adult life and these same ruthless bullying tactics have been adopted by self-appointed “science” bloggers and thought-police “skeptics,” who routinely assume the role of online terrorists in threatening, intimidating and outright censoring those with whom they disagree.

It happens constantly against advocates of natural health and alternative medicine, particularly against those that dare defy the Golden Calf of vaccination, an issue that seems to unleash the basest reactionary venom from the “science and skeptics” crowd — for simplicity’s sake, this network of terrorists will be referred to as “S&S.” Though the methods of S&S terrorists vary depending on the situation, their goal is always the same — to maliciously slander, falsely accuse and raise as much hell against the opposition as possible in order to shut them up and eventually shut them down.

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Author:General Maddox

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