Mark of the Beast: Australian implants to aid payments with a wave of the hand?


RFID chips coming to every day Australian life? Photo: BoldLions

It is the future that many concerned citizens have warned for decades about: A world where digital ‘research’ would evolve to include the fundamentals of human biology; A world creeping towards a cyborg-like age with microchips and implants at the forefront – just as George Orwell conjured in his dystopic visions for humanity.

It seems he was right; As we have seen increasing examples of technological tyranny advance exponentially since the new century has begun – such as the development of the VeriChip device, RFID implants for iPhones, houses and much more (we will explore some of these at the end of the article).

This week, in an article published by The Australian, it has been revealed that Visa and the University of Technology in Sydney have announced a partnership to explore the future of ‘wearable technology’, including the…

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