Ian Narev, CEO – Commonwealth Bank, shows his contempt for the Australian Senate and his customers

Kangaroo Court of Australia

The senior management of Australia’s leading Banks went before the Australian Senate on Tuesday to answer questions regarding widespread fraud in their Superannuation / Wealth Management departments. Last year alone almost $80 million was paid to victims of the banks frauds. What was obvious at the senate hearing is the contempt the banks still have for Australian Laws, the Senate and their customers.

The widespread frauds by the banks staff have been in the media for years yet the CEOs showed up at the Senate hearing admitting they needed to do a lot more to stop the frauds and pay compensation to customers.

The worst offender at this stage would have to be the Commonwealth Bank of Australia, who are run by dodgy CEO Ian Narev, and which paid back$52 million to more than 1000 customerslast year. The CBA is also funding the defamation proceedings of a staff member against a whistleblower which is extremely dirty pool…

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Author:General Maddox

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One Comment on “Ian Narev, CEO – Commonwealth Bank, shows his contempt for the Australian Senate and his customers”

  1. Pete Nichols
    April 24, 2015 at 5:04 pm #

    Ian Narev in my experience hasn’t changed a bit. I was in his Cricket Team at Auckland Grammar in 1980-81 where he was captain (of course) and I got many wickets for the side with my leg
    spin bowling of which he was very happy about!
    Anyway come time for University Bursary sittings in 1984 (when he hadn’t seen me for 3 years as I’d gone to another school) I rushed up to say Hi to him and because he was with all his “Snobby Mates” he acted all ABOVE ME as if he were better than me and ignored me despite my success in his earlier team. I was crushed to see such behaviour!!
    This shows how out of touch and care he is and always has been with people. I was very disappointed in him and now see him here as CEO and I don’t think he’s changed one bit.
    Sad really 😦

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