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Below is a post by Sue Maynes from The Commonwealth of Australia Facebook page where research is posted about the theft of our civil and political rights and rights of equity.

I have been immersed in trying to find what happened in the 70’s that caused our lawful constitutional parliament to create the Australian Government in administration over us all.

And as we have found, the Australian Government controls us all through registered agreements and conciliation/mediation/arbitration.

I have been reading John Howard’s book ‘The Menzies Era’ and there are lots of little clues, but nothing completely definite as yet. The following comment however, about Paul Kelly whose book The End of Certainty is an account of 1980’s politics, was extremely interesting –

The framework consists of what he describes as the ‘Australian Settlement’. It was composed of five fundamental policy attitudes that, attracting largely bipartisan support, emerged during the first ten years of Federation and remained as policy given no matter who was in office for at least four decades.

Those five policies included centralised wage fixation through a system of conciliation and arbitration.

Probably like me, you have always thought of conciliation and arbitration as legal matters belonging exclusively to wages, job situations, union disputes, etc.

Like me, you would never have thought of conciliation and arbitration as being anything to do with you and your legal disputes, in your daily and private lives. Yet that is exactly where we now find ourselves.

So, this whole matter of having to register every single commercial element of our lives, from our drivers licence, to our trade qualifications, holds us to a registered instrument, for the purpose of a potential legal claim against us.

I heard a fellow discuss this on the radio the other day. He had a dispute over a trade qualification which, at the time he qualified, was a lifelong qualification. He very recently found the govt had changed the rules and he now had to re-register every few years. He could not understand why, but consider that a lifetime qualification means that a person does not require on-going training, or updated OH&S responsibilities. AND of course, no registration payments go to the govt with a lifetime qualification. So amending that to a regulation registration is a win-win for the government. You pay and you make sure you have up-to-date training for insurance purposes and possible commercial litigation protection.

I was explaining the research to a friend and we talked about land ownership. As many of you will know, the property that was stolen from us has been sold to another fellow. And you will also know we protested very loudly as to why the property was undervalued drastically to sell it, which we have since found is a breach of the arbitration legalities. The property had 12 separate titles on it – and there was no advertising of that. Each of those title were Fee Simple (and if you are unsure what that is – please go into the files and read the document on Land Tenures dated March 11 2013.) [Editors note: This is on their Facebook Group Page]

Fee Simple is bound to all that is lawful – our constitution, Magna Carta, Habeas Corpus, etc. All of which appear to have disappeared in the legal quagmire of the Australian Government!

I have noticed that land is no longer sold under Fee Simple or Freehold – it is sold under Torrens Title. Torrens Title is NOT a land title – it is a Registration Title. And that Registration Title gives you absolutely NO rights on the land outside of government permission. Get that clear folks – when you buy land under Torrens Title – you can do ONLY what government allows you to do on that land. So, in effect, you are simply the person given permission to claim the right to use that land over another person.

Now, in our research we established that under mediation / conciliation / arbitration – your ‘area of trade’ has a prominent role.

Remember a previous newsletter talked about postcodes, which were implemented in 1967. And if you are a rural person, you will also remember that once upon a time your property name was all you used, then your local council gave everyone a numbered address. All roads were named and your entrance was numbered in metres from an intersection.

So you might say, but that is for a good purpose – so the ambulance can find you, the fire brigade, etc. And i could agree. But there was an extra purpose. And this is how it appears to work –

1. If you are born in this country prior to 1972, you are a Commonwealth national bound to a common law jurisdiction.
2. The Australian Government have been given administrative control by the Commonwealth of Australia.
3. The Australian Government jurisdiction appears to be bound to UN arbitration treaty and is foreign to us.
4. You and I are ‘encouraged’ by the administration, to enter private agreements with the Australian Government.
5. Those private agreements deem that you and I have voluntarily stepped OUT of our common law jurisdiction and voluntarily stepped INTO the foreign arbitrative jurisdiction for the purpose of that specific private agreement.
6. In the event of a breach of that agreement, the Australian Government monitors your commercial activities and defines your ‘area of trade’ – for the purpose of defining the court system you are required to answer to.
7. Through the Australia Act and the abolishment of s9.2.1 of the Westminster Statute, each State is sovereign and has independent legislative structures.
8. So if all your commercial activities are done in Queensland, for example – you will answer to the courts of Queensland , through cross-border agreements between the States.

Let’s go to a simple example. You are caught speeding. You get a fine. You dispute the fine, you feel you have an excellent defence and go to court. You lose. Why?

1. The judge is actually coram. That means the judge is ONLY there to mediate a dispute. He or she has absolutely NO lawful authority to render a decision that is binding on you.
2. As a coram in mediation – the ONLY element the coram can refer to is the registered agreement – the licence YOU willingly acquired.
3. To get that registered licence, you were trained and signed off that you understood the rules of use and would obey them.
4. You never went to the authorities to get permission to speed, so your defence is of absolutely no value in the mediation.
5. You lose and the coram gives a ‘direction’.
6. Now the word direction is very interesting here, but in effect, it means that the coram gives an instruction to the registry to do something.
7. That direction is to register the decision of the mediation between you and the relevant department.
8. YOU go and sign that registered decision in agreement.

So it is NOT the judge’s decision that binds you to pay the fine – it is the 2 registered agreements YOU entered into 1. the initial licence 2. the registered decision.

The High Court have stated they can do nothing about this because YOU voluntarily agreed to step OUT of your common law jurisdiction and enter a private agreement.

Now, you should all note a key point here.

That licensing agreement between YOU and the RMA is a private agreement – in other words it has NO constitutional authority as would a case against you by the Commonwealth – it is a private agreement.

That tells us that the RMA is a private corporation – not a Commonwealth government body. And that comment would relate to EVERY corporate body of the Australian Government including the Local Government.

So, let’s look at rates.

YOU decide to buy a block of land under Torrens Title. That means YOU agree to pay the rates. Get it??

YOU decide to register a new business with the Australian Government. That means YOU agree to a contract which is NOT a common law contract – but a contract bound to mediation under the statutes of the Australian Government.

Don’t run into the courts and demand your constitutional common law rights folks – YOU[unwittingly] agreed to give them up!!

In effect, the whole legal system appears to be bound around the end result of commercial litigation – whether protecting you from it or damning you to be controlled by it.

The question I would like answered is this. Why did our lawful Commonwealth Parliament give administrative control to the Australian Government?

Have we got a recourse to justice?


But for now –
* STOP voluntarily agreeing to enter the courts by asking them to provide any and all documentation to establish the jurisdiction under which you are being forced to enter.
* Tell them you want a common law hearing.
* Document your refusal to contract and refusal to give up your common law jurisdiction.
* Demand the judge SIGN the order his or herself!

[Editor’s note: I made some minor grammatical and typographical changes. Emphasis added too].

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    The USA is also a corporation: Pertinent link:

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        Hi General,
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      That’s a great link. I’ve watched a few of Jordan Maxwell’s videos before. This isn’t new to me but my readers might find it interesting.

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        February 21, 2015 at 12:47 pm #

        I posted the link because it mentions Australia – briefly. But it ties in well with your headline story. Jordan Maxwell is a very good researcher, so good that the overlords have stolen his original website and the funds donated to it by his followers. I would recommend readers have a look at his new website and view his videos on youtube. He is one researcher who knows what is really going on in the world.

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