Video: Destruction of the Sydney Siege narrative – Why didn’t the sniper take the shot?


inline_sniper1_1aav97p-1aav9fkSnipers in clear sight for the duration of the event. Screenshot: Channel 7 News

In the following video, John le Bon – after extensive research on the chain of events in Martin Place – examines establishment contradictions and scientific analysis to refute the notion that snipers were unable to shoot Man Haron Monis during the supposed ‘siege’, representing the final significant blow to the official story as described by the mainstream media and police.

Over the last three weeks, John and Ethan have broken down the #SydneySiege narrative from multiple angles on the Australian Roundtable Podcast, including who benefits from the events, media coverage on the day, conflicting witness testimonies and much more – exposing countless flaws and weakness of the accepted establishment story following the 16 hour ‘siege’.

Currently, this event is being used to justify further Draconian legislation, tougher bail laws, the continued erosion of our civil liberties…

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