Destitute farmers urged to join action against Landmark and ANZ Bank

Warnings Australia in rural financial crisis as farmers look to take on ANZ

7.30 Report

By Bronwyn Herbert

Video: Bronwyn Herbert reports of warnings Australia is in a rural debt crisis. (7.30)

Is Australia in the grip of a rural financial crisis?Photo: Is Australia in the grip of a rural financial crisis? (7.30 Report)

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There is growing concern Australia is in the grip of a rural financial crisis as banks foreclose on hundreds of properties and force farmers off the land – but some are vowing to fight back.

Rural lender Landmark, once owned by the Australian Wheat Board, held the long-term mortgages of hundreds of Australian farmers but at the height of the global financial crisis sold its loan book to big four bank ANZ.

Up until a recent decision to halt…

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3 Comments on “Destitute farmers urged to join action against Landmark and ANZ Bank”

  1. January 2, 2015 at 4:01 pm #

    The Farmers need to join the CEC’s fight against the Banks ,The CEC is the only real opposition as all the parties in parliament serve the Banks ,you will get the Toxic Greens saying we don’t that is bullshit .we have asked their members in parliament to introduce Glass-steagall legislation and they Run for their lives , Glass-steagall & a national bank of public credit is the only way to save the few farmers we have left . The Family Farmer is an endangered species and the toxic greens and the other political parties don’t give a fuck

  2. January 2, 2015 at 9:10 pm #

    Funny thing the only people I have seen attacking the banks, at least for the past three years is Bob Katter, the latest and most successful effort was the Winton Bank Buster protest on December 5. Bob, his son Robbie and Alan Jones of 2GB all support Bob’s landmark Bill to re-introduce the Australian Reconstruction and Development Board from within the Reserve Bank. First steps first.


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