Non-participation Activism & How You Can Participate

By General Maddox
Sounds like an oxymoron doesn’t it? But in fact there are people all over the country winning small battles against the establishment by not participating in their corporate games.

A few months ago Queensland’s CourierMail ran a story about a gentleman from the Sunshine Coast named Bob Jarvis. The story goes that Bob doesn’t pay any tolls either for the Gateway Bridge or other motorway tolls. Why? Is it because he can’t afford it? He is a pensioner after all. No… In fact he’s happy to pay it….with GOLD AND SILVER COINS AT THE POINT OF THE CHARGE as stated in the Australian Constitution, chapter V, the states, section 115 – ‘A State shall not coin money, nor make anything but gold and silver coin a legal tender in payment of debts’.

That’s right, due to the switch in 2009 to the electronic RFID tag system, motorists are no longer able to abide by constitutional law and Bob is sticking to his guns.

And you know what? He won his battle. In September 2012, Queensland Motorways dropped its court case against Mr Jarvis for his outstanding fines, even though a hearing date was listed. Presumably because they know they’d lose. He no longer gets letters from them demanding payment either. He’s now on the magic FREE list.

Another example of non-participation activism came to me just recently. One my RNA followers who I’ll call ‘Jane’ shared with me her own winning experience. This time with regards to the hot topic of water fluoridation.

Jane says she has stopped paying her water bill 5 years ago. “Stop paying your water bills in peaceful protest” said Jane. “Bureaucratic suits only speak ‘moneyspeak’ so make some noise by denying them your hard earned energy”.

That in itself is a big and scary step for the average Aussie. That fear of going against the grain, the fear of the unknown consequences. We’ll come back to that point later…

I asked Jane just how she went about her non-participation activism. “Put your bill in dispute; (once in dispute they must resolve the dispute before doing anything further.) Ask them to prove that you have a contract with them to begin with; ask them to provide a document with your wet ink signature agreeing to a ‘pay per consumption’ billing contract, ask them to provide an actual document with your wet ink signature on it that proves your consent to being forcibly medicated”, said Jane.

Oh, in case you didn’t realise, that’s what the practice of water fluoridation is. Mass medication of the public.

“I put my water company on notice and told them I would give them 7 days to produce the requested document. I then waited 10 days and wrote them another notice. I did this three times then sent them an estoppel with terms of agreement. If they were going to keep wasting my time (In their “moneyspeak”)… I would bill them”, said Jane. Not that she’s ever been monetarily compensated for her wasted time.

“If they cannot provide this paperwork then the contract is based upon fraud and is null and void”, she said. “They can’t ever turn your water off; only down (which is an easy fix anyway)”.

“It is every human beings birthright to clean fresh non medicated water; every single living creature on this earth needs water to live; without it we die. If someone on the property dies by being denied water it would be manslaughter. They don’t like blood, they just like you to be dumbed down, too demotivated to fight. Pick up your pens folks, they push paper; start pushing back”.

I couldn’t agree more.

So what happened to Jane next? Mr Jarvis no longer pays tolls to drive on Australian roads (paid for by our tax dollars anyway mind you!). Is Jane on the magic FREE list too?

“They never came back after they tried to turn down my water last year. I have the meter locked away where they can’t get to it. Then they had shuffled my dispute to someone new so I sent all the paperwork again so they could get up to speed”, said Jane. An all too familiar tactic by the establishment… otherwise known as “The Run-Around”.

“They never sent another letter, only bills… which I do not open and return to sender with NO PROOF OF CONTRACT, NO CONSENT, NO OBLIGATION. ANY CONTRACTS BASED ON FRAUD ARE NULL AND VOID. I DO NOT CONSENT TO HEXAFLUOROSILICIC ACID IN THE MUNICIPAL WATER. I never open them”, said Jane.

Remember a contract is only valid if the parties agree (consent). Your silence is all the acceptance they need. If you do not rebut, if you are silent then you demonstrate acquiescence. However, if you actively do not consent then there is no contract. And the establishment knows it! Why else would they drop the case against Mr Jarvis? They’ll threaten you, send you letters of demand for payment, bounce you around from department to department but if you stick to your guns you’ll see that the real power lies with you.

It’s fear that prevents the average Aussie from realising that the power is theirs to wield. Fear of reprisal. Fear of losing their money, house, land, possessions etc…

It’s time to overcome this fear. There are literally thousands of people who have. Are you next?

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