Ken’s Systemic Assertion Doesn’t Hold Water

In his latest attempt to win the title of the Internet’s most zealous promoter of water fluoridation, Ken Perrot has done what he accuses his detractors of so often doing; i.e. cherry picking data to support his case. To be fair to Ken, perhaps there is some merit to that charge. In a polarised debate like water fluoridation, both sides tend to fall into that trap. However, for now, let’s focus on Ken’s latest effort and raise the question of why is he not following his own advice and avoiding such blatant distortions?

Ken writes that, “research findings do support a beneficial role of ingested fluoride during teeth development.” Yes, Ken, some do, but surely you are also aware that numerous peer-reviewed articles – at best – cast doubt on the benefits/necessity of ingested fluoride, or – at worst – repudiate the theory entirely. Why have you not mentioned this…

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Author:General Maddox

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