No confidence: Thousands march in Brisbane against the Abbott government


1904150_3976056417413_269735971_nPhoto: Protesters as far as the eye can see today in Brisbane
via March in March social media

Over 8,000 protesters have rallied in Brisbane today against the Abbott government, in one of the biggest protests to hit the state in many years. A sea of passionate people flooded through the streets of Brisbane, expressing the notion that they are fed up with the current Prime Minister and his policies.

The ‘March in March’ national protests stormed the country today, with over a dozen cities and regions following suite from yesterday’s strong beginnings. Sydney saw over 12,000, with Melbourne estimated at close to 20,000. Promoters have labeled the demonstrations a major victory, despite the lack of promotion or coverage from the mainstream establishment.

In Brisbane, many civil liberties groups, political affiliates and concerned citizen networks stood together – despite many ideological differences – to voice there opposition to a number…

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Author:General Maddox

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One Comment on “No confidence: Thousands march in Brisbane against the Abbott government”

  1. Angelo Garozzo - Caloundra Tattoo Studio
    March 17, 2014 at 9:53 am #

    The mainstream media has completely avoided reporting this march. Newman is now controlling the mass media. This video shows a member being harassed by the QPS. They said to him that it was illegal to wear colours in Queensland. It is not . It is illegal only if there are three or more members in public. Clearly he was on his own. Also a protester gets hit by a patrol car. No mention of this anywhere, apart from social media. This is the link on youtube-

    I was falsely arrested a few weeks ago because of QPS ignorance of the VLAD law. . I was cuffed for wearing colours. They then realised that it is only illegal if there is three or more , I was on my own,they made a mistake and uncuffed me. The QPS do not know the law that they are enforcing. This is the video footage of my arrest- And here you can clearly hear the officer say why he is arresting me and here I resume videoing after they took the cuffs off and gave me my phone back

    The issue I had with them is one officer not identifying himself. They took exception to my insistence for that officer to identify himself. Keep up your honest reporting Angelo Garozzo


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