The Wild Thrashings of a Dying Beast

In a war of attrition, your enemy will inevitably screw up in a way that makes you realise how weak they are in a certain area. That’s exactly what has happened with the pro-forced fluoridation scumbags in NSW. They have shown how truly weak and pathetic they are, when standing toe-to-toe with the power of the people.

In a nutshell, pro-fluoridation fanatics in NSW wanted to (and still want to) force fluoridation across the state. The peoples’ uprising against this extremist ploy to override their human right of informed consent to treatment, however, led to local NSW councils being notified by their constituents that this extremism is unacceptable.

In a highly predictable fashion – true to all dictators, sociopaths and psychopaths – the propaganda war machine of the pro-fluoridation criminal chemical cartel has lashed out like a dying wild beast.

The bitterness and rage contained within the following two…

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Author:General Maddox

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