MSM Finally Starts Talking About the Poisons We’re All Exposed to Including Fluoride

Neurotoxicants, Carcinogens and you!

By General Maddox. 

(Real News Australia) Independent studies from scientists around the world have been screaming out for years about the poisons we’re exposed to on a daily basis. But they’ve those screams have fallen on deaf ears. The toxic substances we come in contact with in our day to day lives are slowly poisoning us and naturopaths, homeopaths, dieticians and the alternative media have all been covering it and advising us on how to avoid them for many years now. Unfortunately most people don’t go to a naturopath or a homeopath or even bother to look for an alternative to the main stream media.

Well, we’re in luck. Every now and again a nugget of truth makes its way to the corporate controlled media and in front of millions of people around the world.

Recently, CNN published a piece called “Putting the next generation of brains in danger“. Here’s an excerpt…

Dr. Philip Landrigan at Mount Sinai School of Medicine in New York and Dr. Philippe Grandjean from Harvard School of Public Health in Boston, authors of the review published Friday in The Lancet Neurology journal, say the news is so troubling they are calling for a worldwide overhaul of the regulatory process in order to protect children’s brains.

The researchers named these five toxic substances as neurotoxicants. Lead, methylmercury, arsenic, polychlorinated biphenyls, or PCBs, and toluene. A neurotoxicants is a substance that impacts brain development and can cause a number of neurodevelopmental disabilities including attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder, autism, dyslexia and other cognitive damage according to the researchers.

Dr. Landrigan and Dr Grandjean have now added six more chemicals to that list. They are: Manganese, tetrachloroethylene, a class of chemicals called polybrominated diphenyl ethers, or flame retardants; and two pesticides, chlorpyrifos, which is widely used in agriculture, and dichlorodiphenyltrichloroethane, or DDT and most importantly… fluoride!

That’s right the Doctor from the prestigious Mount Sinai School of Medicine and the Doctor from the equally prestigious Harvard School of Public Health have both publicly named and shamed Fluoride! Yes, Fluoride is a known neurotoxicant. So why is is still being added to our public drinking water supplies?

The Centres for Disease Control and Prevention in the United States (Known more commonly as the CDC) has listed water fluoridation as amongst their Top Ten Great Public Health Achievements in the 20th Century. Let’s hope that CDC administrators have CNN on their web browser favourites list. 

It doesn’t stop there though. Much to my amazement CNN actually posted another article and also linked to it in the article i mentioned above. Here it is here. It calls out yet another seven potentially harmful chemicals put into our food. Chemicals that are also found in some strange places. Such as varnishes, resins, adhesives, Viagra, cosmetics, cigarette filters and even ground up insects.

It’s still even more strange that this study has seen the light of day and made its way into the main stream. Even the Sydney Morning Herald picked up on it here in Australia. Either way it’s great to see this type of research getting exposure.

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Author:General Maddox

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    Not often we get some good news through the MSM! Thanks for publishing this, General.

    And it’s been nice here in Japan for the last week, not having to filter the tap water before I drink it.

    • February 20, 2014 at 4:23 pm #

      Ahhhh that’s where you’ve been! Hahaha. Have fun and avoid Fukushima!

  6. February 22, 2014 at 11:03 am #

    Stop this Monster of Madness called Water Fluoridation

    Unfortunately for our population, dentists, doctors and ors. and their interests (allegedly) are recklessly negligent in their `belief` (and the forcing of it on us all) in water fluoridation/pollution. It is only their political power and media power and also the ‘corporate sponsorships’ etc., of dental schools at Universities that keeps these dangerously corrosive hazardous waste pollutants hexafluorosilicic acid/silicofluorides and co-contaminants of lead, mercury, arsenic, cadmium, thallium, berrylium etc., known as `water fluoridation` polluting our water supplies (and hence our food chain). (Also added to that hazardous waste soup is aluminium sulphate).

    Australia wide in dental crisis after widespread fluoridation in every State, first commencing Beaconsfield, Tasmania in 1953 = likewise USA in dental crisis after widespread ‘fluoridation’ first beginning in 1945 Grand Rapids Michigan

    The only answer EVER was to provide access to affordable dental health care services for all the population, not the dumping/disposal of hazardous waste pollutants fluorosilicic acid/silicofluorides and co-contaminants of lead, mercury, arsenic, cadmium, thallium, berrylium, etc., (known as water fluoridation); into our drinking water supplies and hence also the contamination of our food chain and using the populations` kidneys as hazardous waste disposal/filtration units.

    This hazardous waste and co-contaminants must not be dumped in the air, rivers, oceans, creeks but dump it in the water supplies as a forced ‘medical /dental treatment’ (without ‘informed consent’ I might add !! ) and it magically becomes safe and effective.

    Water fluoridation/pollution with hazardous waste pollutants is not safe and not effective and all those continuing with this dangerous fraud of WF had better stop urgently and irrevocably. No one has the right to treat, medicate, drug, chronically poison/pollute anyone especially without informed consent (or refusal) or to pollute our food chain, all life and environment).

    REPORT: Brief Overview of Water Fluoridation/Pollution – 11 September, 2013 Diane Drayton Buckland

    Click to access brief-overview-of-water-fluoridation_pollution-11-september-2013-diane-drayton-buckland1.pdf

    REPORT: 100% fluoridated Kentucky, USA – Rampant Dental Decay & chronic disease epidemic – DDB

    REPORT: Can Dentists & Doctors be trusted when they say Water Fluoridation is Safe & Effective?

    Click to access can-dentists-doctors-be-trusted-when-they-say-water-fluoridation-is-safe-effective.pdf

    Aboriginals affected even worse than Caucasians: Silicofluorides (Water Fluoridation Chemicals)
    Aboriginal Prison Rates – Violence and Crime – Kidney Disease – Silicofluorides (Water Fluoridation Chemicals)

    Some Health Effects:

    Brief Primer: on water fluoridation/pollution – Diane Drayton Buckland – 8 Oct. 2013

    REPORT: Download Full Report >

    Click to access report-water-fluoridation-pollution-must-end-diane-drayton-buckland-independent-researcher-14th-january-2013.pdf


    Research AFAM Fluoridation Chemicals

    Raw Fluoridation Chemical Analyses – Freedom of Information – South Australia Water Corp. Raw fluoridation chemical analyses of South Australia’s drinking water, listed below. This data has been scanned from original documents provided to Sapphire Eyes Productions by Dr. Andrew Harms and Ann Bressington. These documents show the toxic, heavy metal contaminants contained in the chemicals used to fluoridate your drinking water. These include lead, arsenic, mercury, uranium, and more. ‘FIRE WATER’ FILM SOURCE:  
    Watch:  Firewater Film

    Watch: Fluoridegate:

  7. djmskinart
    February 24, 2014 at 5:30 am #

    This was an article i put together sometime ago, to do with this crap.

    The Great Hoax -FLUORIDE IS A WASTE!!
    Back in 2008 Anna Bligh introduced fluoride into the Queensland Water supply.
    Quoted from ABC News, she said that her proudest moment was setting a timetable that will have 90% of Queenslands water fluoridated by 2012. Then she goes on to say, “…. its controversial out there, but i think its something that will leave a very long legacy of better dental health for our children.”
    I rang Queensland Water a month or so ago, to learn, yes we are fluoridated and by 2013 the whole of Queensland will be.
    How can anyone be proud of introducing such a deadly chemical into anyone’s water, let alone a whole state? She says it will leave a legacy of better health and teeth??? Too right it will, all for the wrong reasons. This fluoride is a mining industry waste. The whole thing about “good for your teeth” is an absolute joke.
    Doing a little study i have found some eerie facts bout fluoride.
    One thing i did find which raised suspicions was to do with The Mellon Institute. They were a leading defender of the asbestos industry, which is facing huge tidal waves of law suits around the world. What has The Mellon Institute got too do with fluoride i hear you ask, well…. they were the first to suggest that fluoride be introduced into water supplies.
    Then there was Dr Harold Hodge, who in the 1950,s was a chief toxicologist at The Manhattan Project. The Manhattan Project was the first to produce the atomic bomb. Massive amounts of fluoride were needed to produce nuclear weapons.
    Harold Hodge was also responsible for injecting plutonium into people in the mid 1940`s.
    If Hodge had come out and said that fluoride was not safe, this would have opened the doors for mass litigation against the US Army and maybe, the end of producing nuclear weapons. And in May 1946 they found a way to pull the wool over the eyes of the public by saying it was useful in tooth health.
    In the same time another doctor had bought it to the attention, warning about the poisoning with fluoride, just as he did with smoking but was smeared, pushed aside by the health officials.
    Another doctor, Dr Phyllis Mullenix did a experimental study to measure fluorides mental effects on rats, a study that had previously been halted by the Atomic Energy Commission. At first she did not think, that fluoride was poison as it had been around for a long time but continued to do the experiments.
    She found that is had effects which resembled ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder) and hyperactivity disorders. She also said, “Whether they were prenatal or early postnatal, all they needed was two or three days exposure to this and it caused a permanent change in behavior when the animals grew up.”
    This also reducing the IQ of children.
    Her study was accepted for publication but days later, she was fired from Forsyth Dental Care.
    The real reason behind water fluoridation is NOT to benefit children’s teeth. If this was the real reason, there are many ways in which it could be done, that are much easier, cheaper and far more effective. The real purpose behind water fluoridation is to reduce the resistance of the masses to domination, control and loss of liberty over time.
    Back in the Hitler days a German chemist worked out an ingenious and far reaching plan, the idea of mass medication of water supplies. By this method they could control the population in whole areas and produce sterility in women which would also cut down population.
    It was said back in 1954 by C.E.Perkins, a chemist, “Repeated doses of infinitesimal amounts of fluoride will in time reduce an individuals power to resist domination, by slowly poisoning and narcotizing a certain area of the brain, thus making him submissive to the will of those who wish to govern him.”
    This topic i could go on and on as there is so much information out there but still, these so called experts, continue to mass poison us. It does not matter how small the amount is, your body does not eliminate this from your system, it slowly accumulates and would you believe, it even weakens your bones, it nails you thyroid, it nails a big part of your brain, being the pineal gland, it shortens our life, it promotes various cancers and mental disturbances, it makes us stupid, docile.
    Only just last week i spent time in hospital for surgery, you cant help but feel for some of the people in there. One bloke from Deagon, nice old bloke has never been sick in all his life and here he was around the age of 70 being told he may have a tumour in the bladder or maybe the prostate. Sad thing was to see his daughters there with him, to see them crying as they got the news. It is horrible to see and when you see, how much money is being spent on hospitals, around Brisbane, around Queensland and probably all of Australia, isn’t it about time some common sense was seen…… spend money on preventing sickness, not spend money on more and larger hospitals.
    Surely these politicians think of their own families, even have family members in hospital with cancers or what ever else.
    Its so simple, REMOVE the fluoride, a very simple step to help people stay well. Just look at Western Europe, 98% of that area has REJECTED water fluoridation and yet, children’s teeth are just as healthy as children’s teeth in USA. It is a massive con. I may be wrong in saying this, but i did read that fluoride was sourced from another country, that country being China, isn’t it odd that China don’t fluoridate there water?


    Be sure to check out the Australian documentary called “FIRE WATER”. Link below:


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