Double Standards: Police Officer Throws King-Hit Not Coward Punch

Hypocrisy in the mainstream media strikes again. 

By General Maddox.

(Real News Australia) The main stream media and the Queensland government have been working hard to re-brand the “King Hit” to a “Coward Punch” after a recent spate of vicious incidents usually involving young males on an alcohol fuelled night out.

You may have noticed the switch over the last few months where the main stream news reported on such incidents as Coward Punches instead of King Hits in an attempt to remove the possible glamour associated to the term “King Hit”. That may very well be a good idea as it serves to plant the idea among the would be perpatrators that they may be labelled by family & friends as a coward for life.

However, there seems to be a double standard when the perpetrator who throws the punch is a police officer.

On Sunday morning an off duty Queensland police officer attacked another patron on the dance floor at the Gold Coast’s Jupiters Casino at Broadbeach. According to witnesses the victim fell to the ground and remained unconscious. Paramedics arrived to treat the man who eventually regained consciousness before being taken to Gold Coast University Hospital.

Witnesses also report that the unnamed off-duty police officer tried to leave the casino after the incident but was made to stay by security guards until police arrived. Other witness reports state that a similar incident occurred earlier in the night which was dealt with by security guards in a manner where the offender was tackled to the ground and literally dragged out of the Casino.

The Gold Coast Bulletin reported on the incident here. As you can see they used the term “King Hit” in their headline. So why not the new term “Coward Punch”?

It appears that when the main stream media reports on an incident involving a member of the public he’s a coward. However, when it’s a member of the Queensland Police, he’s labelled a King.

Police officer or not, either way it’s a cowardly act.

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Author:General Maddox

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3 Comments on “Double Standards: Police Officer Throws King-Hit Not Coward Punch”

  1. dmar9
    February 5, 2014 at 8:00 am #

    While we’re at it. The PO who lives out the back has 1 unregistered car, 1 unregistered caravan and 2 unregistered trailers for each of our back gates. (4 households), the other house down the end has had this guys car through their fence in to their tank. lucky their kids decided to play inside.

    So effectively instead of a back fence / gate we have a come in and rape us whenever you like entrance out the back for this so called ‘officer’.

    Erm so looking forward to the media telling the story of his ‘King’ rapes of us all.

  2. February 6, 2014 at 9:26 am #

    I’ve made a documentary called One Punch Homicide to reduce punching incidents. I was delighted to see the term coward punch replace king hit, which sounds far too respectable. I think education may work far better to reduce these incidents than new laws. In 1998 the American Psychiatric Association stated by the time Americans reached the age of 18 they had seen, on average, 200,000 acts of violence on screen. Stats for Aussie youth are probably similar. Aren’t we cheating today’s young by allowing them to watch so much violence without educating them that one punch can kill before they legally start drinking?

  3. Mal
    March 22, 2014 at 10:43 pm #

    The correct term is “blind sided”. Plain
    and simple.

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