Erosion of Privacy in Australia – Basic facts you need to know



As civil liberties in Australia continue to be diminished on a daily basis, it is imperative that you know the following essential facts about the destruction of privacy domestically. It is also imperative that you spread this information amongst family, friends and anybody who is concerned about a network of unaccountable organisations collecting and sharing your private data on a national and international basis.


In 2013, Edward Snowden leaked the most significant archive of classified documents in US history since the Pentagon Papers. Amongst the revelations of NSA spying and ‘Orwellian’ surveillance reach, the documents also revealed a connection detailing Australian intelligence organisations and their role in a global network of data monitoring, collecting and sharing.

– Amongst revelations of metadata mining by the United States through its controversial PRISM program, it subsequently uncovered a unilateral intelligence community that includes Australia in a longstanding relationship. We have…

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Author:General Maddox

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