Queensland’s Aboriginal Affairs Minister Suggests Radical Relocation of Logan Residents

Queensland Premier Campbell Newman wants to see half the Queensland population living outside the south-east corner in 30 years time.

By General Maddox.
Forget about the freedom to live wherever you want especially if your chosen destination is Logan City, Queensland.

Lets say you’re a new arrival to Australia, a refugee from a foreign land. You don’t know anyone else except some distant relatives who have been living in Logan for a few years. You bring your family half way around the world to try and make a new start. You make the effort to learn the language, culture and way of life in Australia so you can fit in.

You’re then told that you must now move your family again. This time to a country town about 500km’s away from Logan City. You know no one out there. There’s no support network. You’re isolated and alone.

This could be the reality for some current residents and new arrivals to Logan City just south of the Queensland capital.

See this from a recent report by ABC.net.au:

“Queensland’s Aboriginal Affairs Minister, Glen Elmes, is concerned about the population push in Logan from interstate and overseas migrants. He says the State Government is looking to relieve some of that pressure by moving some people out of Logan altogether.”

A move reminiscent of what the indigenous Americans faced decades ago, could see indigenous Australian’s, New Zealand immigrants and even the intergenerational unemployed moved out of south-east Queensland to Central Queensland “reservations”.

This drastic plan is spurred by cultural differences between some ethnic groups. You may remember recent street riots taking place in Logan back in January 2013 where groups of south Pacific Islanders were abusing Aboriginals in Logan. Tensions flared up between the groups and police were called to quell the fighting.

It appears the new “City of Choice Leadership Team” prefers to pass the buck and make the issue of low socio-economic hardship the responsibility of a Central Queensland Council.

They should be called the “Out of Sight, Out of Mind Team”.

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Author:General Maddox

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3 Comments on “Queensland’s Aboriginal Affairs Minister Suggests Radical Relocation of Logan Residents”

  1. paulparker
    December 27, 2013 at 6:33 pm #

    The devil is in the detail, so unless can view the details of the plan is not much to argue about.

    Why do we build public housing ?

    To house homeless, or to house people so closer to work in an area ?

    Quite different clients.

    People seeking public housing, mostly accept to obtain public housing they need move to where public housing is available, else wait a long, long time for some to be where they prefer.

    Public housing is not so common in highly developed areas, of high value, excluding those larger housing apartment blocks built a few decades ago which became ghettos. Many of which now removed or undergoing major rebuilding to make them more pleasant environments.

    This related thought separate to issues of whether housing is affordable to average income families or individuals.

    Those of lower incomes who bring their family half way around the world may be more interested in where there can find employment, where is affordable living, and where can their children be educated.

    Plenty everywhere, even Australian born, who appear to believe world must provide them with things they are not prepared to help themselves obtain.

    What does it cost to provide a fully serviced for housing block of land in each area considered ?

    Development costs need be shown to be considered.

    IF the proposals include providing decent higher speed rail transport for people and freight to Brisbane and other cities, then transportable supplies and people should be a lot easier.

    Any links to the governments discussion papers ?

    Until such details and others presented with proposals for public access and discussion, most talk is poorly-informed gossip.

    • John Dorian
      December 28, 2013 at 1:03 pm #

      PaulParker this proposal is just ONE of a whole raft of measures/legislation which the QLD Government has given itself or is in the process of giving itself to beef up its population control…

      If you choose to look at each of the measures in isolation as the corporate mass media want you to then they ‘may’ look reasonable. Bikie laws – mass media made a huge blowout over bugger all of nothing and large amounts of the public support the draconian response since it didn’t directly affect them… Out of Control Party laws – mass media makes it sound like a good idea to clamp down on them too… Hooning Laws – mass media blows constant fake stories using a mix of ancient footage of illegal activities and footage from genuine legal motorsport venues and the general public thinks modified cars and “hoons” are responsible for 99% of the state death toll… Now it appears paulparker that you would like to buy the official line that there is a ‘need’ to remove people from Logan and or other areas against their will and it ‘must’ be for a genuine reason because the government says so?

      The story this all tells when viewed as a whole is the truth that there is NO private ownership of property anymore. We are just custodians on behalf of the Corporate QLD GOVERNMENT and they can and will take any and all such property away from us at their own discretion.

      Unfortunately there are plenty of people who really do not WANT to know the painful truth because as yet they have not personally been affected. These people prefer to believe those affected MUST have done something really wrong… I sincerely hope enough people see what is going on before none of us remains unaffected by the criminal activities of the states largest crime gang the QLD GOVERNMENT.

  2. December 29, 2013 at 4:56 am #

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