Freedom starts with a K.I.S.S

By Carol-Ann Edwards.
Contributing writer for Real News Australia.

There is a tremendous onslaught of “issues” in our world. We have wars, GMO’s, vaccines in our food, UN Agenda 21, the 5-Eyes spying on us…the list is endless. Recognise that this ‘endlessness’ is a strategy, do not fall for it, it is designed to create a sense of ‘helplessness’.

Picture all these issues as mountains of garbage generated by the big machinery of the oligarchical cabal or the ‘elite’. Their big machinery is focused on doom and gloom for us and loads of power and wealth for them – it is all they know. Desperate to keep and expand their stolen wealth and power the ‘elite’ families and banking cartels cannot legitimately create anything by honest labour. So they cannibalise (use) people who possess the ‘intellectual’ ability they lack.

These cannibalised people include the likes of Georg Soros, Brzezinski, Gates, CFR members and Bilderberg attendees. Sadly our Prime Minster and Treasurer is in the juniors league of the G20 but trying hard to join the big boys (hence the rush to sign the Trans-Pacific Partnership and Bail-In legislation).

By repeatedly using this technique of cannibalising other brains, the inbred elite can start many institutions – let’s use the Tavistock Institute as one example. Its purpose has been to re-shape societies; to overwhelm, misinform and dumb down nations. Including the UK, USA, Canada and Australia.

Counter Attack – K.I.S.S. To stay sane and free we can use the Keep It Simple Stupid principle.

First KISS – Have your own faith or belief system (not one pushed by the pop culture of the Tavistock Institute). Discover the power of knowing that Your inherent rights and your kids inherent rights are not given by man nor government. (Man-made rights can and will always be twisted and altered.)

Second KISS – Divorce yourself from Consumerism. You are not a consumption unit. Your kids are not consumption units. You are a creative, resourceful and resilient human being. So are your kids, nieces and nephews – get them away from the telly and the shopping mall and into the garden and the crayons.

Third KISS – Protect yourself with the basics. Since we are not consumption units we can re-structure our lives accordingly. There are many small ways to start disconnecting from the matrix and regaining your independence. Skip the GMO foods that now also contain vaccines, grow some food on your kitchen window sill or in your yard. Unplug the TV and the WIFI for hours per day – free your kids from continual exposure to mobile and computer radiation, their little bodies and brains are developing and are extremely vulnerable to smart meters, WIFI etc. Their little minds do not need Disney forming their tastes (research Walt Disney – he’s one of them and used movies to shape culture and minds in accordance with the Tavistock Institutes purpose).

Fourth KISS – Where your attention goes so does your freedom. If Tom Cruises latest divorce fascinates you, or you think the footy umpire destroyed your team, and you want the government to do more to ‘fix’ things, then you receive a gold star from the Tavistock Institute. For you have directed your attention away from your freedom. Be old fashioned instead. Get your freedom back. Work on the future you want your kids to grow old in, learn from alternative media sources, get rid of all debt, put some cash and an ounce of gold under Nana’s mattress, and learn to love growing something you can eat.

Freedom, it starts with a KISS.

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2 Comments on “Freedom starts with a K.I.S.S”

  1. Jason
    November 29, 2013 at 10:44 pm #

    Love it! Thank you very much. 🙂

  2. Sonja
    December 9, 2013 at 11:31 am #

    Good advice – thank you. But sadly, convincing family members is not so easy.

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