Did the Department of Defence Intentionally Start NSW Bushfire to Send a Message?

By General Maddox. 
In an incredible turn of events the Australian Department of Defence has now admitted that they are responsible for starting the out of control bush fires in the Lithgow City Shire area of Marrangaroo which has subsequently spread to surrounding areas. Word of Defence being responsible for the fires that have ravaged more than 30,000 hectares of land broke on Saturday 19th October when they conceded a live explosive ordnance training exercise at the Marrangaroo Training Area to be the possible cause.
Many questions remained to be answered once the flames have been extinguished and only ashes remain such as who is going to fit the bill? If Defence takes the blame it’s the Australian tax payer that ultimately picks up the tab. But that’s not the only question left unanswered.
You don’t get the right answers if you don’t ask the right questions.
Since 2011 the Department of Defence has been in correspondence with the Lithgow City Council regarding plans for urbanisation, altering the boundaries, roads through Defence land and expanded residential zones that encroach on the Marrangaroo Training Area. A move that appears to have struck a nerve with Defence. The Local Environmental Plan 2013 is what has Defence feathers ruffled which is the result of the Draft Lithgow Land Use Strategy 2010-2030 and Supporting Studies Public Exhibition.
The general tone of each letter is much the same but seems to intensify gradually. The letters are available here. Contained within are comments like:
  • Defence is keen to ensure that appropriate buffers are in place to reduce potential land use conflicts and to protect future residents from noise and vibration from the training area
  • Defence would not support any extension to the Bells Line of Road that intersects the training area.
  • Defence has identified an inconsistency in the Lithgow Zone Maps
  • The proposed General Residential zoning adjacent to the Marrangaroo Training Area is not supported by Defence.
  • Defence is also concerned that the General Residential zoning may indirectly result in increased civilian trespass onto Marrangaroo Training Area with possible exposure to unexploded ordnance.
  • Urban encroachment from the proposed Marrangaroo Urban Release Area can lead to increased civilian trespass onto MTA which would expose civilians to an increased risk to injury by unexploded ordnance on the MTA. Defence is keen to ensure that this does not occur.
  • The proposed Marrangaroo Urban Release Area adjacent to the MTA is not supported by Defence.
  • Defence does not support any change of zoning that will lead to the intensification of urban development within close proximity to the MTA.
  • Defence is unlikely to reduce the intensity of use of the MTA in the foreseeable future.
Read the letters for yourself.
Yes, they make the obvious statements about ensuring the safety of the public and minimising exposure to seismic vibrations and noises from training exercises. But again the general tone of the letters reiterates their concern of residential encroachment onto their property.
Take this in the context of average John Doe at home with his house and a few acres of land. In comes the local Council who wants to run a road through John Doe’s land and make his land smaller to build homes for future neighbours. Suddenly John Doe isn’t happy and starts writing letters to the Council advising them of his concerns about it. The Council doesn’t listen and continues plans anyway so he writes more letters. The Council still doesn’t listen so he again writes more letters and this time explains that he often goes hunting on his land and would hate to have stray bullets fly into the home of someone who shouldn’t have a home on his land in the first place. Get the picture now?
But what if the council again refuses to listen? Does John Doe go shooting ‘roos but this time accidentally starts a fire with a stray bullet and say “I told you so”?
Could it be that we’re seeing this same scenario being played out right now? Motive and opportunity have been established. Hell, they even admitted responsibility to starting the fire. Is it too hard to believe that Defence is sending a message to Lithgow City Council that this is their land and they’re not going to budge? Perhaps. Perhaps it really is as simple as an explosive ordnance training gone awry.
We’re awaiting a reply from Sherilyn Hanrahan at Lithgow City Council to get her take however It may be some time due to evacuations from the threat of fire if at all. Word from locals is that the MTA is also used by the Special Air Service Regiment (S.A.S) for covert jungle training exercises. Maybe Defence has a very good reason to ensure a buffer zone is in place to keep the prying eyes away after all?

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    For those unfamiliar with these cards, take some time and just google images on illuminati Cards. I think most will have there eyes opened, when they see how many cards can relate to disasters around the globe.
    Hard to put a date on the production of these cards, but these cards or board game
    (i think i would rather play SNAP 🙂 But the date looks to be around the 1990,s.
    These cards have been in my mind for some time. And on friday night, whilst watching the ABC News on the New South Wales bush fires, 3 words were said…. THE BIG PRAWN.
    I nearly melted the soles of my shoes getting to the computer and there we go.
    Just take a look at the cards, they may only be like drawings, but as the saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words.

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