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Tim Flannery sacked, Climate Commission dismantled by Coalition


Tim Flatt

PROFESSOR Tim Flannery has been sacked by the Abbott Government from his $180,000-a-year part-time Chief Climate Commissioner position, with the agency he runs to be dismantled immediately.

Environment Minister Greg Hunt called Prof Flannery this morning to tell him a letter formally ending his employment was in the mail.

Public service shake-up as heads go

In the letter, Mr Hunt tells Prof Flannery: “The Climate Commission does not have an ongoing role, and consequently I am writing to advise you that the Climate Commission has been dissolved, with effect from the date of this letter.”

He thanked him for his personal contribution and then said “The Department of the Environment will soon write to you concerning administrative arrangements for finalising your engagement as Chief Climate Commissioner.”

Celebrity scientist Tim Flannery has been told his services are no longer required.

Celebrity scientist Tim Flannery…

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One Comment on “Common Sense at Last! But For How Long? – ConspiracyOz”

  1. Mick Augustus
    September 20, 2013 at 12:03 pm #

    Best news that I have heard this year.Flannery is a lying parasite…he has done his best to destroy the farming industry in this country.

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