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10 May 2013

Australia without family farmers is not ‘viable’

Right now, as a consequence of political decisions, many thousands of family farmers across Australia face immediate ruin:
600-1200 family farmers in WA’s eastern wheat belt are under siege by the banks and both the state and federal
governments, which are conspiring to starve the farmers of credit in order to force them off the land and/or privatise
and sell their cooperative to foreign grain cartels.

Many hundreds of beef producers in northern Australia have been blindsided by the government’s outright sabotage of their export markets, which has caused a glut of
beef on the domestic market that has driven down the price of cattle from $500-1000 per head, to as low as $20,
leaving hundreds bankrupt and suicidal. Hundreds of both fruit growers and dairy farmers in northern Victoria are getting smashed by the government’s
policy of free…

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Author:General Maddox

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