Brisbane Domestic Fear-port in Lockdown

By General Maddox.
Brisbane domestic airport terminal went into lockdown this afternoon due to inattentive security personnel and some wayward passengers.

It appears a fire exit door was used inadvertently by several passengers causing security personnel to respond with overkill locking down the whole airport. Delays for all inbound and outbound passengers being the obvious result.

But was this response warranted? Surely after an alarmed door, even if it were a silent alarm, was triggered, security should have been able to identify the problem and at worse taken the individuals aside for questioning as to their reasons for such actions. Why the need to place the entire Brisbane Domestic Airport on lockdown?

Fear. No doubt in the past if a wayward passenger had managed to mistakenly walk into an area normally off limits to the public the airport security would’ve simply redirected them albeit scornfully. Nowadays it’s a different story. The climate of fear perpetrated by the single most defining moment of our time, 9/11, is to blame.

Due to a myriad of security breaches it seems these days even someone with a Stanley Knife (box cutters) can hijack an airliner. So we have to treat even the most innocuous slip-ups in security protocol as the next 9/11.

The big picture here is no one was hurt and no one was at risk of injury. Except for a little man handling by security on the passengers whom lost their way perhaps. I guess we should be grateful. Do you agree?

(Image credit to ABC)

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Author:General Maddox

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