A Lesson on Karma

By General Maddox.
Karma, we’ve all heard it mentioned before and we all have a basic idea of the concept, that is, do something good and good things will come back to you. The opposite also has the same ingrained effect. Do something bad and await the cosmic consequences.

The idea of Karma goes back thousands of years and its origins trace back to ancient India in the teachings of equally old religions. Its basis has been shared and adopted by many religions over time including Christianity. Remember that old saying “One reaps what one sows”? Well that bible passage (among others) is merely borrowed from other ancient religions.

The primary basis of Karma is cause and effect. That in itself is one of the fundamental laws of the universe. Karma operates as a self-sustaining mechanism as natural universal law, without any need of an external entity to manage It. There is no need to fear a deity that was thought up by the priest class in order to indoctrinate a civilisation for the purpose of control. One could live a wonderful life on the very basis of the universal law of Karma guiding their moral compass keeping that simple formula, cause and effect, in mind at all times. Karma is a force to be understood and respected.

The universe is a vast and mysterious plane of existence that we know very little about. A flow of energy exists within it and we are all connected to it. Once you realise that, you tend to stop trying to swim against the current and go with the flow. There is definitely a shift happening now. Let Karma help you see which way to swim.

This video might help.

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Author:General Maddox

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