Accused Boston Bomber Dzhokhar Pleads Not Guilty


Accused Boston Bomber Dzhokhar Pleads Not Guilty

Dzhokhar will take his accusers to trial. Will he make it there?

By General Maddox.
Not the worst article I’ve seen about the accused younger Tsarnaev brother but the video is key.
Please click on the link above and watch the video and read the article.

These people, these ordinary Americans have the guts to go and support young Dzhokhar and protest his innocence with information that absolutely proves his innocence. Information that has not been talked about in the main stream media.

To anyone who does even the smallest amount of research and investigating into the Boston Bombing will see that these two young boys are innocent. Yes it is that obvious. The evidence discovered unequivocally clears the two Tsarnaev boys of any wrong doing on the day of the bombing. They are patsies. Just like Lee Harvey Oswald was set up to take the fall for JFK.

Here’s a link to see just how they’re innocent and that the FBI is likely implicated:
Boston Bombing: More Questions Remaining Than Answers

Now that he’s pleaded not guilty he will make the prosecution prove he did it and hopefully it will all unravel on them. Hopefully. We all know what happened to Oswald.

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Author:General Maddox

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