11:11 Do You See It Too?

By General Maddox.
11:11 – Do you see it too? If so you’re not alone.

For a few years now I had noticed that more often than not I would look at the time on a digital clock like my phone, computer or microwave and would just happen to see the time as 11 minutes past the hour. At first I thought it was pure coincidence. Then I thought to myself, there’s a 1 in 60 chance of seeing the time as 11 minutes past the hour. So why is it that conservatively 50% of the time I look at the time it’s 3:11 or 5:11 or something :11?

What is it about this number? Why am I seeing it seemingly all the time?

My wife is experiencing the same phenomenon too. In fact it became almost a game where we would say the time out loud if we just so happened to look at the time and it read 11 minutes past the hour. We would even text each other the moment it happened if we were apart just to let each other know it had happened again.

I do believe in coincidences. But I have come to think that the world as we know it, this consciousness we know as reality isn’t simply a series of random events strung together. It has gradually become apparent to me that there truly is more to life. I wouldn’t consider myself to be a spiritual person. I’m not religious either. But at the very least I have an open mind and I understand that this universe is one of infinite possibilities.

Another strange thing I experience happens to me quite often when I drive home at night from work. Does this happen to you too?… I’ll be driving along and when I’m on a stretch of road where no other car is in sight and the street light that I’m approaching all of a sudden goes out! I’ve been noticing this longer than the 11:11 thing too.

I only mention this because oddly enough they may very well be a related occurrence.

I began searching online and before I knew it I could see I wasn’t alone. After all, you probably found this article via the same means. There are millions of people around the world from all walks of life, cultures and religions as well as everyday folk like me whom are experiencing the 11:11 phenomenon.

From what I have read on many sites it appears to be a signal or a prompt if you will. Like a wake up call. As if something is saying “Hey, you! Have we got your attention?”

Now this is the part where an open mind comes in handy.

This is an excerpt from a website called The Correcting Time:

The universe is highly ordered and teaming with diverse life both physical and spiritual in nature. Our planet is under divine supervision and things are changing rapidly on our world. You are being awakened by a group of resident planetary helpers of the lower angelic orders called “Midwayers.” These semi-spiritual beings live just outside of our time-frame and are incredibly fast and intelligent. They were granted the right to use the 11:11 time prompt to awaken certain individuals on our world to let them know that there is a much bigger universe out there than what we have been led to believe by our societies, and our governments–men of science.

For many, it takes a giant leap of faith to process all of this information and believe in things that are unseen, but as you and I both know, the 11:11 time prompt goes way beyond coincidence and is in fact “intelligent.” Unless you have directly experienced this phenomena, you do not understand its deep seeded meaning at the root of your soul.

This speaks volumes to me personally. I have been “awake” now for a few years but deep down I’ve always felt like I was destined for a higher purpose like I would be called upon to help humanity in some way. No, I don’t mean like a comic book super hero and I know it sounds corny but its difficult to explain. The same website from the above excerpt also said this and it helps to understand what I mean:

You have a part to play in all this–you have a destiny and you are being given an “opportunity” to change your life and change the lives of others around you.

You said you were searching for truth in the universe, well, you asked, and they answered.
There could be several reasons why you are being prompted:

1. You are genetically capable of receiving the time prompts. Not all people are able to respond to the Midwayer’s thought direction because of their mindal and genetic make up.

2. You may have a special talent where you have influence with many people, like a writer, an artist, a film maker, a healer, social policy maker and such others that may be of use to the Midwayers and the planetary administration in this Correcting Time.

3. You have what is called, an Advanced Thought Adjuster. The Thought Adjuster, also known by other names like “Indwelling Spirit”, “God Fragment,” “The Higher Self,” “The Oversoul,” wants you to get involved and work with the Midwayers.

4. It is possible that you are unknowingly a part of what is known as the Mortal Corps of Destiny. These are individuals who have been pre-programmed or rehearsed and given special knowledge throughout their life through the super-conscious mind to “wake-up” and serve during a planetary emergency.

5. You may have lost a close loved one who has gone onto the mansion worlds (The 7-training worlds of mortal ascension) and has requested that you be prompted.

That’s pretty heavy stuff for someone who doesn’t tend to subscribe to this type of thinking. But nonetheless, the fact remains the 11:11 phenomena is continuing to happen to me. As do the street lights going out suddenly and without cause. Apparently it’s all due to our fun loving midway friends. They will use almost any electrically controlled device to get your attention.

Something else I’ve noticed is that the extent of my awakening has mostly happened in the last year. During this period of time I have endeavoured to cut, or at least, heavily reduce my fluoride intake. I switched to non-fluoridated toothpaste and we bought a 4 stage reverse osmosis water filter for our home. What does this have to do with anything you might say? Well, did you know that fluoride actually has negative affects on your pineal gland in your brain? It causes calcification, damages and impairs it’s functionality. The Pineal Gland is otherwise known as your “third eye” or the spiritual centre of your brain. See here and here for a more detailed explanation.

So since I’m no longer causing damage to my pineal gland and actually using my diet to keep it decalcified, it appears I am in a state of readiness to receive these signals or 11:11 prompts more readily.

So what now? Now that there’s an explanation of sorts other than just random coincidence, what do I do now? What do we do now?

Well I don’t propose to tell you what to do. You are your own sentient being and may choose to completely ignore the signals or you may choose to help alert and inform others. Personally I’m going to continue on my new path of enlightenment and awakening. My interpretation of the signals is that they are letting me know I’m on the right path doing what I’m doing and being what I’m being.

Much love.

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Author:General Maddox

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