*** Update *** CRAFTy Boston Bombers Identified?

FBI claims they have their suspects. Independent media isn’t buying it.

By General Maddox.
While the America’s ears are still ringing from the bombing on Monday April 15 2013, the nations multi-billion dollar intelligence agencies have now released a video and stills of their main suspects.
See the above video and below image for yourself and then ask yourself what you just saw. Or better yet, what you’ve just been told to see by the “authorities” who released them.


These two could be the bombers. Or, they could be just two guys walking around with backpacks like dozens and dozens of other people.

Is there footage anywhere of the two men planting the explosives? Not that I could find. If you have it please send it to me. Otherwise perhaps take a look at the following images and tell me why NO MAIN STREAM MEDIA are looking into them. As per usual it’s up to independent media to point out anomalies and irregularities with the official narrative.

20130420-001015.jpgCraft operatives on site (See bottom of article for more on Craft). Clearly using audio devices. Seen in different locations.

20130420-001219.jpgBlack SUV with a bunch of tech mounted on the roof. 6 Craft operatives in view (6 foreground, 1 background)

20130420-001253.jpgReacting to the first blast.

20130420-001351.jpgLocation scouting? Or passive crowd surveillance? More on the Craft skull logo at the bottom of the article.

20130420-001410.jpgCraft founder and former Navy Seal Chris Kyle wearing the hat on Bill O’Reilly show. Craft operative wearing the same hat. Also available for purchase from their website.


20130420-001506.jpgCraft staff at a trade show. Note the same attire. Tan BDU pants, Tan boots.

20130420-001520.jpgWithin minutes of the explosions we see a Craft operative scanning the area for radiation levels. (Above) Close up of the device (Below).

Radiation detector used (Below).



20130420-012113.jpgHere’s what the Craft website says about their skull logo…

The story behind the Craft Skull logo combines several meaningful pieces of Chris Kyle’s life and service to this great nation but mainly honors his fallen teammates. As part of SEAL Team 3, Chris and his fellow teammates painted similar skulls on their gear in order to strike fear in the enemy. The crosshair symbolizes his time spent on a sniper rifle and is also in the form of a templar cross to symbolize his faith. Lastly, the crosshair is on the right eye to honor SO2 Ryan Job USN (SEAL), who was critically wounded when he was shot in the right eye while on deployment to Iraq in 2006.
Following the successful rescue mission by Navy SEALs of freighter Captain Richard Phillips on Easter morning, 2009, Ryan Job was asked by a local reporter if he thought using Navy SEALs against Somali pirates was overkill. His response was, “despite what your mamma told you, violence does solve problems.” Ryan Job died in September of that year following complications during reconstructive surgery.
The Craft Skull is a daily reminder to us all the sacrifices brave warriors have made and what it takes to triumph over evil.

OK so from the above images that have been doing the rounds on social media sites and websites like this, we can clearly see that amongst all of the security, police, bomb sniffing dogs and bomb squads present before the explosions, we also have Craft operatives. Now the unanswered questions:
– Why were they employed here on top of an already heightened security presence?
– And who hired them?
– Was Craft hired at previous Boston marathons?
– Why would there be a need for ex-spec op mercs to be standing around with big black backpacks and radiological detection devices?
– Were they expecting something to happen? Did they have foreknowledge?
– Were they expecting a dirty bomb to be planted?
– Was this part of a training op that became real? (Like the infamous exercises running on 9/11 “Real World or Exercise“)

Chris Kyle was recently murdered in suspicious circumstances that made it seem like a hit. On top of that he was being sued by another former albeit higher profile Navy SEAL Jesse Ventura over an alleged bar fight. Perhaps the Craft and its people have seen enough media exposure and have put pressure on media outlets to forget they even exist let alone were right there on the scene at the finish line.

I could go on. What we do know is that despite what others might think, getting answers to the above questions is paramount. If it turns out to be nothing after a thorough investigation then so be it. But due diligence is required in any event. I’m not saying that these Craft operatives are the bombers. Nor am I saying they knew about it. I’m just pointing out, like countless others who dare question the official narrative, that it’s odd. It just doesn’t add up and I believe it should be addressed.

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Author:General Maddox

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8 Comments on “*** Update *** CRAFTy Boston Bombers Identified?”

  1. Brenton Edwards
    April 20, 2013 at 12:28 pm #

    Turns out it was the guys in the hats…awkward

    • April 20, 2013 at 12:55 pm #

      Answers to questions?
      Or just touting main stream media and the “authorities”?

      • Brenton Edwards
        April 20, 2013 at 8:29 pm #

        The fact that they were observed by people in the area shooting and blowing things up. The fact they carjacked a guy and he was able to describe their appearance. The fact they were on camera buying items when the hostage ran away. One is dead with signs of a bomb strapped to his chest. People in the area listening to live police chats as the action happened. The fact that he was found bleeding in a boat. The numerous messages left by the older brother.

        But hey, the media is probably out to get you and the government is the Illuminati and the HPV vaccine is used to sterilise the population and whatever.

      • April 20, 2013 at 9:20 pm #

        Answers to questions?
        What are your thoughts on the mother of one of the guys talking about how the FBI were in contact with them, acting as their handlers and directing them?


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