I Found the Culprit

A good quote.
“By believing their lies, I empower tyrants to enslave me.”
The truth will set you free.



I Found the Culprit

Obsession with 911 led me right to the culprit: me.

By believing their lies, I empower tyrants to enslave me.

Through my willingness to subjugate who I am and what is mine, I enable addicts of domination to control me.

By believing that the official pronouncements about realityare equal to Reality itself, I betray the truth.

To hide my complicity, I blame big government and corporations and the banks who plundered what belongs to everyone.  I let them.

I let religious and scientific and political experts to tell me what is true.

I let the public debate descend into trivialities and ignore the fundamental obligation of freedom: responsibility and accountability for what is true.

I am responsible for what I believe.  When I equate stories about the truth with the truth itself, I default and betray that truth. Ideas are maps of the truth, not…

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Author:General Maddox

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